Muscovite is looking for relatives of his grandfather in Novosibirsk

A resident of the Moscow region, Pyotr Abramov, is looking for his distant relatives in Novosibirsk. The man turned to the editorial office of the NGS for help – suddenly one of the readers recognizes familiar faces in the photograph, or the story of this family will seem familiar to someone.

He told the NGS correspondent about the purpose of his search and what he had already managed to find out.

– Last fall I had the thought that I am already over forty, closer to fifty, I have a son. And you never know how the situation will turn. The son will be left with a chain, if I may say so, of relatives. This is me, his grandfather – my deceased dad, whom he remembers a little, and, in fact, everything, – explained Peter.

Therefore, Peter decided to find relatives from other cities of Russia in order to get memorable photographs. But ahead of him was a long, difficult path and a minimum of information.

Before searching, the man made several requests to the archives. Everything that he had in his hands at the beginning of the search was a duplicate of the birth certificate of his grandfather, Vasily Abramov. But, as it turned out, the document contained mistakes in the patronymics of Vasily’s father and grandfather. So, Peter’s grandfather was listed in the document as Vasily Arsentievich, and not Arsenievich, as it should. And his great-grandfather, according to the documents, bore the patronymic Efimovich, instead of Efremovich. Because of this, the search was complicated.

– I made a very successful request in Yandex. Since, in addition to the birth certificate, there was also my grandfather’s military ID, there the place for the search was indicated more specifically. The village of Likhachevo in the Ustyansky district of the Arkhangelsk region. I “poyandeksil” and found a typewritten manuscript in the community of the villagers of this village, – Peter told the NGS correspondent.

The man explained that the names and stories in the document matched those in his family. He immediately understood: these are the ones he is looking for.

What did we find out

– It is known that in the second half of the 1920s, several families from the village of Likhachevo, Arkhangelsk Region, left for Siberia. And I know for sure that the children and grandchildren of my grandfather Vasily’s brother, Alexander Arsenievich Abramov, live in Novosibirsk. And also in the village of Ovchinnikovo, Altai Territory (260 km from Novosibirsk), perhaps the children and grandchildren of their younger sister Polina Arsenievna Abramova live, – Peter shared the search results.

In total, the man explained, his great-grandfather Abramov Arseny Efremovich (1885-1928) and great-grandmother Abramova Evdokia Afanasyevna (1888-1957) had six children: Anastasia, Afanasy, Yuri, Vasily (Peter’s grandfather), Alexander (lived in Novosibirsk) and Polina …

Now Peter intends to find his relatives from other parts of Russia in order to get photographs:

– I have restored my ancestry and would like to share this information with relatives along the line of my grandfather – with the relatives of his younger brother. And I really hope that I will be able to find photographs of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother. And maybe other ancestors.

In May, after the publication of the NGS, a great-grandson of one of the first residents of the “Yankee House” was found – he showed a photo of his great-grandfather.

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