Novosibirsk billionaire banker wins lawsuit against Youtube and Google

Banker Igor Kim won a lawsuit against YouTube and Google in the Novosibirsk arbitration. Dollar billionaire Igor Kim won a lawsuit with YouTube LLC and Google LLC. The court made a decision yesterday, April 19, according to the website of the Arbitration Court of the Novosibirsk Region.

The court found the phrases in the video entitled “Igor Kim. Financial Pyramide. Landomat and Expobank «.

As follows from the documents on the court’s website, Igor Kim went to court because of this video, published on YouTube. In it, an unknown author talks about the work of Expobank, and Igor Kim himself is suspected of creating a financial pyramid and withdrawing funds abroad.

Igor Kim was outraged by six phrases from the video, according to the court’s website. They call Expobank a «vacuum bank», and they also speak of Igor Kim’s «roof» in the country’s government:

— Medieval pirates often plundered other people’s ships with the permission of the monarchs of their countries. Probably, Igor Kim also has reliable cover in the power structures. Otherwise, with such appetites, I would not have stayed afloat for long. He is not alone in the banking sea. Senator Dmitry Sablin, deputy head of the Combat Brotherhood organization and oligarch Roman Abramovich is called Kim’s patrons. That is why Igor Kim can not be touched, does not forget to share the loot? — quote phrases from the video in the court ruling.

The court recognized all these statements and information as untrue and discrediting the business reputation of Igor Kim. The court decision has not yet entered into legal force.

The video is currently not available on Youtube.

Igor Kim was born in Kazakhstan, graduated from NSU. In the early 1990s, he was engaged in the wholesale of household appliances, invested money in the banking business. According to the Kontur.Fokus service, Igor Kim now owns 76.4% of Expobank’s shares. He is also the founder of the Aston construction group, the Pallada charitable foundation, Alliance Consulting LLC and other companies.

Twice was included in the hundred richest people according to Forbes Russia magazine — in 2009 ($ 0.4 billion) and 2011 ($ 0.5 billion).

In December last year it became known that Igor Kim will buy out the shares of one of the oldest developers in Novosibirsk, Construction Trust No. 43. He also acquired a bank in Serbia five years ago.

In the summer of 2020, Novosibirsk deputy Yuri Shpakov also sued Google — then he filed a lawsuit against 11 companies and the media, including Mail.ru, Pikabu, Rambler Internet Holding, Yandex and TV Channel 360. «Medianews», «Publishing house» Baikal24 «. The third parties in the case were Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Yuri Shpakov was unhappy that a video was circulating on the Internet of how he swears with a traffic police officer, but lost the case

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