Novosibirsk citizens cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19

Novosibirsk citizens are put on the waiting list for vaccination against coronavirus. In total, the region received more than 32 thousand doses vaktsi us

Novosibirsk citizens wishing to get vaccinated against coronavirus began to be added to the waiting list. Elena Aksyonova, Deputy Minister of the Regional Ministry of Health, said that since February 1, the portal of public services has an opportunity to sign up for a vaccine awaiting list.

– The territorial polyclinic sees the records, determines priorities, understands the amount of vaccines they have and plans vaccinations. Therefore, we recommended, when signing up for the waiting list, to wait for a call from the call-center of the polyclinic with the specification of the date and time of vaccination directly, – said Deputy Minister of the Regional Ministry of Health Elena Aksyonova.

This week, our editorial office received many complaints that the coronavirus vaccine has run out in various clinics in the city – everyone is put on a waiting list. The regional Ministry of Health clarified that the next batch of vaccines for COVID-19 arrived this week – 17,100 doses.

– We did not lose the vaccine, we receive centralized supplies according to the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. All vaccines are shipped to our territorial polyclinics, depending on the contingent and assigned population. Also, the last batch, which was this week, was shipped to absolutely all medical organizations of the Novosibirsk region, – explained the Deputy Minister of Health of the Novosibirsk Region Elena Aksyonova.

According to the regional Ministry of Health, more than 32 thousand doses have been received in the region.

Siberians cannot supply COVID-19 vaccine

All week, our editorial office has been receiving complaints from Novosibirsk residents that the city clinics have run out of the coronavirus vaccine.

There are problems with vaccination against coronavirus in the city polyclinic number 16.

– Back in January, I signed up for a coronavirus vaccination by calling the unified registry number 124. True, the operator did not tell me the timeframe, he offered to wait for the call from the clinic. On February 4, I went to the Reg.nso.ru website, where there was a technical opportunity to sign up for vaccinations at my polyclinic No. 16. In particular, on February 5th. Now they phoned me from her and said that there was no vaccine in the clinic and that two days before its appearance they would call patients, ”said the reader of the NGS Kirill Maryin, a resident of Novosibirsk, on the eve.

Another resident of Novosibirsk said that he and his family have not been able to deliver the vaccine at polyclinic No. 16 since January 28. The registry told him that the vaccine had run out. The man was rewriting for other days. But after several attempts, he was offered to enroll in another clinic, saying that they did not know when the vaccine would appear.

Patients of city polyclinics # 1, 2 and 12 faced the same problem – all patients are put on the waiting list, informing that the clinic has run out of vaccine.

– In the polyclinic number 1 by phone they said that it is possible to sign up for vaccination, but the queue is already 2.5 months. If, for example, today a person signs up for a vaccination queue at polyclinic No. 1, then he will get the vaccine itself not earlier than 2 months later, because of the queue, ”the NGS reader told the editorial office.

In the unified registration number 124, Novosibirsk residents are informed: now you can only sign up for a waiting list at a polyclinic at your place of residence.

On the phone in the registration office of polyclinic No. 2, they also answered yesterday that the patient’s data is entered only on the waiting list.

– We enter the data on the waiting list, then we call back and say which day to come. Approximately an appointment in two weeks, maybe even earlier, – they say to residents at the clinic’s registry.

In the registration office of the city polyclinic No. 16, the townspeople are informed that they can only sign up on the waiting list.

– Unfortunately, we have run out of the vaccine. When she enters, we do not yet know. We can write on the waiting list, which means how the vaccine will arrive and the turn will come – then we will call two days before and tell you when to come and set. We cannot write down for a certain date, – they explain in the registry of the city polyclinic number 16.

Chief doctors about the lack of a vaccine

The heads of the Novosibirsk polyclinics reported that there was indeed a delay in the supply of vaccines in the city since the end of January. But at the moment, a new batch has arrived in the region, which is being distributed to all vaccination points.

– The vaccine ended like everyone else – at the end of January. We vaccinated 842 people – we had that many doses. Now the vaccine has arrived, the waiting list was drawn up regularly. We explained to everyone when the vaccine will be available. The vaccine is now arriving, we have been vaccinating everyone since yesterday in accordance with the waiting list, – said Larisa Fedina, chief physician of polyclinic No. 12.

– Yes, there really was a delay in deliveries. But we warned all the patients. We have resumed the vaccination campaign since Tuesday. The fact is that one vaccine in an ampoule is designed for 5 people. Therefore, it is necessary that five people come at a time, with minimal contact with each other, – said the chief physician of polyclinic number 1 Sergei Dorofeev.

When asked why patients of polyclinic No. 1 can wait up to 2 months for a coronavirus vaccine, the chief physician replied that special refrigerators are needed to store the vaccine. The chief physician added that the vaccination office is open 12 hours, including weekends.

“In total, it is necessary to deliver 20-30 thousand doses of the vaccine. And this will take from 3 to 4 months. We can manage to deliver within this period, provided that there are rhythmic deliveries, the doctor added.

Oksana Shelyakina, the chief physician of the city polyclinic No. 16, explained that the polyclinic had not really had a vaccine since the end of January.

– This picture is observed throughout the city. Today, vaccines are already being delivered everywhere. Today we have received 150 doses – we are administering them right away. We’ll be provided with more doses on Monday. The calculation of doses is not done immediately for the entire population, but it is delivered according to a certain schedule. Because there is a specificity of vaccine storage – refrigerators with low temperatures are required – up to -25 degrees. Not all institutions have the required number of refrigerators, ”the chief physician of GKP No. 16 told the NGS journalist.

According to her, the throughput capacity of the vaccination room is on average about 300 people for two shifts.

– All those lists of patients that we have, and there are over a thousand of them, those who applied, they are all written down. Work is scheduled even on weekends. Now it still rests on the volumes that are allocated to each medical facility. The queuing already means that the patient is taken into account, – added Oksana Shelyakina during a telephone conversation.

The NHS found Siberians who had already been vaccinated and received a certificate. They talked about side effects (not everyone had a fever).

Also earlier, the Ministry of Health of the Novosibirsk Region said that the employer has the right to suspend doctors, teachers and social workers from work if they refuse to vaccinate against covid. Complaints about compulsory vaccination have already been received by the NHS editorial office. We asked the lawyer if such a requirement was legal.

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