Novosibirsk deputy refused to clean the courtyard of residents of her district

The Novosibirsk resident demanded that the deputy clean his yard, and, upon refusal, offered to deal with the cleaning of snow throughout the city. City Council deputy Irina Bespechnaya refused to the residents of her district on Adrien Lejeune Street to clean the yard from snow. A resident of one of the houses, Artyom Demchenko, told the NGS editorial office about this.

As Artyom Demchenko explained to the NGS correspondent, City Council deputies often publish “showy cleaning” of yards and roads in their social networks. In one of the last posts on Facebook, the deputy noted the cleared passage near the house at 17 Adrienne Lejeune Street, and the man asked her to clean the courtyard as well. “There is a lot of snow, the HOA already has no money,” he wrote to the deputy in personal correspondence on WhatsApp (screenshots are at the disposal of the NGS editorial office).

– In general, it is not clear why the deputy is doing this – specialized services should be engaged in this, – noted Artyom Demchenko in a conversation with the NGS. – The appeal concerned the fact that since you are cleaning somewhere, then maybe you will already clean everywhere.

In response, in one of the audio messages, Irina Bespechnaya noted that she was not formally a deputy for the residents of this house.

– Firstly, you are not my voter, since your houses, from the 17th to the 19th, did not vote for me. I took only third place on your site. Accordingly, I don’t owe you anything at all: you didn’t choose me, you are not my voters, ”the deputy said. – Second, with regard to snow cleaning: you are the owners of your territories, you must clean this snow at your own expense – according to the law.

According to the website of the Election Commission of the Novosibirsk Region, Irina Bespechnaya at the site, which includes the house at 17 Adriena Lezhena, really took third place – Igor Salov and Vladimir Moshkovich bypassed her. Meanwhile, in the whole district, she won, gaining about a third of the votes.

In a conversation with an NGS correspondent, the deputy confirmed that she really answered so, but stressed that it was impossible to clear the courtyard because of the cars parked in it, and the said audio message was taken out of context.

– This young man constantly provokes me: “You must, you must.” It was about the local area, and I replied that I was not obliged. He told me that then my task was to force [the mayor’s office] to clean the whole city, ”said Irina Bespechnaya. – I am a deputy, I should not clean roads. He can send me an appeal from citizens by mail to clean the road, I reinforce this appeal and send it to the administration to provide assistance. But not in that tone.

At the same time, Novosibirsk deputies sometimes come to the aid not only of their voters: last year, one of them, with the help of a friend, a hammer and an air mattress, tried to rescue a duck stuck on the lake.

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