Novosibirsk has set a Russian record for sushi bars

The number of sushi bars in Novosibirsk has almost tripled in 2020. 2GIS service specialists have calculated how the structure of catering has changed in the largest cities of Russia. Novosibirsk has become the leader in terms of growth rates for sushi bars and culinary offerings.

Analysts examined the 15 largest cities in Russia with a population of more than a million inhabitants. The study compared data from the directory in January 2021 versus January 2020. In general, the number of catering establishments in the Russian million-plus population increased by 8.9%. This growth turned out to be three times less than in 2019.

The growth leaders in 2020 were sushi bars (35% growth), bakeries (30.5%) and pizzerias (22.2%). 2GIS understands sushi bars as establishments that offer rolls as one of the main dishes, including those that are focused on delivery. The fastest growing number of catering outlets was in Volgograd (an increase of 25.4%), Ufa (16.7%) and Moscow (13.5%).

Novosibirsk took only the fifth place in terms of the overall growth in the number of establishments, which amounted to 7.9%. But even this figure looks impressive, considering that the turnover of the restaurant market in Novosibirsk in 2020 decreased by 21% (data from Rosstat).

At the same time, the city was able to set two records at once. Here the number of sushi bars has grown 2.7 times (reaching 144 points). The number of cookery has also increased by 70% (now there are 242 of them). The number of points in these segments has not been added faster anywhere in Russia.

The market participants themselves explain such a rapid growth of points with rolls by the pandemic and the development of the delivery segment, for which this dish turned out to be the most convenient (they do not lose consumer qualities when stored in the cold) and the least expensive from the point of view of opening a new establishment.

The growth leader in this segment was the Sushi Vostok chain, which had 3 points in 2019, and now there are 18 of them. The main share of new establishments so far fell on single points. Last year, the Yobi-Doyobi project entered the Novosibirsk market from large chains.

Other actively developing formats were pizzerias (21.2%) and bakeries (21.8%). The leaders in the pizzeria segment are Papa John’s and Dodo Pizza, which now have ten operating establishments.

But the number of bars and restaurants has practically not changed. And canteens, which have already been actively opening in recent years, have shown a negative trend at all, their number has decreased by 2.7%. The most significant drop was experienced by the take-away segment (usually coffee), which lost almost 7%.

Novosibirsk has become a leader not only in terms of growth in the number of sushi bars, but also in terms of the density of establishments offering food delivery services.

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