Novosibirsk ninth-grader sent out an intimate video of a teacher on chats

The woman worked at the school for about three years, but after the incident with the video, she quit immediately.

An employee of one of the schools in the Tatar district of the Novosibirsk region quit because of the video that her students began to send to each other. In the video, a woman is slowly dancing and undressing. After the publicity, the teacher had to leave the region. What they say about her at school and how the teacher herself explains what happened – in the material of the NHS.

The video is at the disposal of the editors – we do not publish it for ethical reasons.

“The teacher was very good.”

The school claims that a 14-year-old student hacked into his teacher’s social network page – this happened in early March.

– According to the teacher, the student hacked her account, pulled out this video, and such a situation happened. She quit her job and left immediately. We talked with the student, and conversations were held, and individual work is being conducted with him, – the deputy director for teaching and educational work told the NGS.

According to her, the ninth grader confessed to everything. The deputy director characterizes the family of a teenager as not the most prosperous.

– Now his exams will begin, he also needs to finish his studies in order to enter somewhere, – she added. – The teacher was very good, taught us two subjects – English and German, worked as a psychologist. This year I defended myself for the first qualification category, participated in the “Teacher of the Year” competition, and reached the semifinals. The results were very good for her.

Teacher version

The teacher denies that she herself allegedly sent this video to the student. According to her, the video was intended for her boyfriend. She sent the video to him on the VKontakte social network, later the teacher deleted this page.

– My account has been hacked. In general, I lived in the city, came to the village to work every day, and so I arrived and after a while I find out that my personal video was made public. I was told who did it. I immediately notified the administration, explained everything, and on that day I wrote a letter of resignation. After this incident, I simply would not have been able to work in a team and look students in the eyes, ”she told the NGS.

The woman tried to talk to the student and his parents, but they, according to her, “did not make contact.” The ninth-grader, the teacher says, avoided any conversation with her at all. The Siberian woman does not plan to deal with this family further, since the video has already been sold, she has already quit school, and “the student needs to finish nine classes.” She decided to change activities and no longer teach.

– It was a big shock for me, a shock. Three weeks have passed, but it’s still hard for me. I have a small child, we went with him to another area altogether, so that no one would see or hear about us, ”the teacher added.

Two years ago, a young Russian language teacher from Barnaul was fired for photographs that she posted on her personal page in VKontakte: a girl was photographed in a swimsuit at the ice hole for the Universiade. She told the NHS about the bullying of colleagues, because of whom she had to be left without work, and about her plans, we also asked the Novosibirsk teachers about how they began to behave on social networks after this incident.

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