Novosibirsk residents dress their pets for a walk

With the arrival of warmth, the streets of Novosibirsk turned into a continuous muddy puddle – sometimes it freezes, but it does not become cleaner and more comfortable. Rubber boots or waterproof shoes, dark jeans, which will not show dirty drops, a raincoat or raincoat – these things are sure to be found in the closet of every Novosibirsk citizen.

What about pets? In the spring, walking the animals turns into a real quest, after which even the most decent and calm dog will need a shower. We asked the townspeople to tell about their pets and show how they dress dogs and cats for a walk (spoiler: many have bright and funny things in their wardrobes that dilute the grayness of Novosibirsk streets). Check out 13 cute photos to cheer you up.

– Mila is already 6 years old. The dog was born in the industrial zone, and has been living with loving owners since two months. She is very intelligent, in the spring she constantly asks to go outside, as she loves to wander and search by smell. When he is completely unbearable, he watches near the window and whines, and sometimes even runs to open the doorknob and runs away to the entrance, as if hinting at another walk. Likes to empathize, and always howls supportively at the sound of an ambulance or lies back to back in difficult times. She is very cute and smart, but at the same time, when necessary, she is very brave and will always protect her with her barking, ” a reader under the nickname alex_pluzhnikov on Instagram told about his pet.

– This is Garik and Christopherrobin – Belgian and Brussels griffons. In winter, they are very cold, in the coldest frosts they left the entrance and lay on their side, showing their protest. I had to insulate, blouses with a high collar under winter overalls. Now they are happy that the walk lasts longer than the dressing process, ” their owner wrote to us under the nickname kravchenkoee on Instagram.

– Dreamed of a dog for 20 years. I took a Spitz puppy, in a week she will have a seizure. The dog could not be diagnosed. Stably every week (and more often at night) I went to the clinic with the dog. Only droppers helped. The breeder offered to take the puppy, give me another. The dog would have been euthanized. I couldn’t get her back. For more than a year she saved from death, toured the best specialists in Novosibirsk. She was prophesied not to live up to a year. Once one of the doctors of the clinic called me and said that modern equipment was being brought to Novosibirsk and there would be a conference of Siberian doctors. I brought the dog. She was diagnosed with a congenital defect (the presence of an abnormal vessel through which untreated blood passes through the body bypassing the liver). The dog should not be protein and lifelong maintenance pills. This year she turned 7 years old. She loves life and me very much.

– Dusya is very domestic, she does not like to walk in winter and spring at all. In winter, he runs out into the street for 3 seconds and, headlong, runs back home. In spring he does not like mud and puddles at all. He walks only on clean asphalt jumping over puddles. He loves the sun very much, looking for him in the apartment and on the balcony, – a reader under the nickname natalyakazanceva on Instagram told us about her pet.

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