Novosibirsk residents hit the investment, how much they usually invest

Novosibirsk citizens began to invest more often in investments. Last year, residents of Novosibirsk began to invest much more often in private investments. This is the conclusion reached by Raiffeisenbank.

The bank’s poll showed that the townspeople are looking for additional income in this way.

The bank’s specialists conducted a survey among Internet users. According to «Raiffeisenbank», mostly Novosibirsk residents invest no more than 100 thousand rubles in the stock market. Another 30% of the surveyed townspeople keep up to 500 thousand in their accounts.

How and how much do Novosibirsk residents invest

Every tenth citizen of Novosibirsk, through investment, was able to save up for a down payment on a mortgage, 15% bought a car, and 30% made repairs.

Also, townspeople were more likely to invest money using a combination of brokerage and individual accounts. More than 40% of private investors simply choose a brokerage account.

A regular bank account does not give a person access to the stock exchange. Therefore, there is a client brokerage account. Basically, it is a personal wallet for storing funds and securities, which is opened by a licensed broker company. With the help of it, a person can carry out transactions for the sale and purchase of shares, bonds, currency and other things on Russian and foreign platforms. Individual investment account (IIA) — an account for transactions with securities. This is a way to invest funds with minimal losses and thus earn. IIS can bring significantly more money than traditional bank deposits at interest.

Why has the demand for investment increased?

According to the bank’s statistics, many decided to invest in order to increase their income. The demand for deposits began to grow from March 2020. Rates for basic banking services (loans, account opening, investments, card issuance and servicing) decreased. In investments, many saw an opportunity to increase income.

— More than half of Novosibirsk investors use this tool to save money for retirement or major purchases. In the capital, this share is even higher — 33% and 27%, respectively, — the bank explained.

Also, one of the reasons for the growth in investment in Russia was the ability to make transactions remotely — using the mobile application of your bank. According to the survey results, 78% of Novosibirsk residents use this method. Every third person uses a laptop or computer for this. In 14% of cases, clients ask managers for help by phone — this method is chosen more often in Novosibirsk than in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

How the number of private investors in Novosibirsk has changed

Most of the surveyed Siberians came to the market during the last year, 45% of them began to invest out of interest. Only 12% of Novosibirsk residents have been on this market for more than three years. The share of those who have been investing for more than five years is only 6%.

It is noteworthy that the majority of Novosibirsk investors are aware of the risks of this occupation and would like to get an education in order to better understand the mechanisms of stock markets.

Kirill Matveev, Head of Customer Happiness and Monetization Department at Raiffeisenbank, warns that only a responsible approach helps to make money. Ideally, you need to invest with a «safety cushion», weighing all the risks and assessing your capabilities. Investment risks may vary depending on age, demand for the profession of an investor in the market and the volume of investments.

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