Novosibirsk, where you can relax on the weekend with barbecue

This year, the expectation of spring is like a test of strength. It seems that everything is about to turn green, but then it snows again. Herbs from the leaves and forward from day to day, and doling out the Siberian sun forced to drop everything and go to the street to soak up the spring with every fiber.

It’s too early to dig up the beds – the snow is just melting, but it’s time to grill the barbecue in nature. A good option is a summer residence, but not for everyone for various reasons. We found ten places in the Novosibirsk suburbs where you can rent a gazebo and have a barbecue party. Addresses, prices and infrastructure – in the survey of the NGS.

This season, we will have to forget about Zaeltsovsky Park as a place for recreation and picnics – on April 15 it was closed for reconstruction. The park will be opened only next summer – the territory will be divided into several zones, the paths will be improved and an ecotrail will be made.

Near Zaeltsovsky Park there is a Botanical Garden, where there are several gazebos. Braziers are not provided there, but putting a thermos and spreading sandwiches is easy. In every district of the city, you can find places for a relatively civilian rest – here are ten options.

Pine forest on Uchitelskaya

According to the administration of the park, there are 10 pavilions of different levels on the territory. Price – from 500 rubles per hour, minimum booking – 3 hours. The gazebos are available every day from 10 to 22. The main disadvantage is that they do not book by phone – if you want a guaranteed place, you need to arrive in advance and make a prepayment two hours in advance. And only in cash, the administration said. The address of the park is Uchitelskaya, 49. Near the park is the final stop of tram No. 11. There is a socket and lighting in the gazebo. The capacity is up to 25 people.

Gazebos on the territory of the recreation center “Mercury”

The base is located in a forest area near the village of Mochishche, next to the Northern Bypass. There are two wooden pavilions here: the first is called “Sauna” (because there really is a sauna nearby). The capacity is 20 people, for each on top you will need to pay 150 rubles. Rent costs 700 rubles per hour, if you book for 5 hours, the price will be 3000 for the entire time. Wooden gazebo “Guest House” accommodates 30 people (additional visitor is also 150 rubles). The prices are the same as for the “Sauna”.

A brick gazebo called “Paintball” is probably the most beautiful (but this is subjective). Designed for a company of up to 15 people. There is also a barbecue area, lighting. Price – 500 rubles per hour, 1500 rubles for 4 hours. 5 hours will cost 2,000 rubles. You can also buy charcoal and lighter fluid here.


In summer, the ski complex “Inya” on the Klyuch-Kamyshensky plateau, with a slight movement of the hand, turns into a place for summer holidays with the rental of gazebos (altogether 9 pieces with a capacity of 4 to 15 people). Mountain, forest, view from the mountain to the new buildings of Pervomaiki and the Inya River – why not? Gazebos are scattered throughout the complex and can be rented from 10 am to midnight.

Prices are different – depending on the choice of the gazebo and the day of the week. On weekdays (Monday to Thursday) from 200 to 600 rubles, on weekends (Friday is also a day off): from 300 to 700 rubles. On weekdays, you can book a gazebo for the whole day at a significant discount. As specified in the administration of the complex, on holidays the tariff is 50% higher (in the near future these are two expensive days – May 1 and 9).

Here you can buy charcoal and ignition, rent a grate (500 rubles). The administration of the complex reminds that you should not be late; if you are late by one hour, the order will be canceled.

“Star” on the Ob Sea

On the territory of the park near Akademgorodok there are about 20 pavilions of completely different levels at different prices. The main plus is on the seashore. Special attention should be paid to the names of the gazebos: here you are not dry numbers and insensitive numbers. The gazebos are called: “Friday”, “Robinson” (ascetic structures for up to 6 people, the price is 300 per hour on weekdays and 400 – on weekends).

The stone gazebo “Eagle’s Nest” can accommodate 12-15 people. On the territory of the gazebos there is a barbecue area, there is electricity. Price per hour – 500 rubles on weekdays and 600 on weekends.

The Office Romance gazebo looks like a private area for two people, although it can accommodate up to 4 people. Despite its small size, there are benches, a small table, and a small playground next to it. Price – 200 rubles per hour on weekdays and 300 on weekends.

A beautiful insulated gazebo overlooking the sea is called “What? Where? When?” (apparently, the landscapes around the gazebo are conducive to some thoughts). It is designed for 15 people. There is a brazier, a table, 8 chairs, electricity. On weekdays, an hour costs 600 rubles, on weekends – 700 rubles.

Recreation center “On the stones”

The recreation center is located on the shore of the Ob Sea, not far from the Sibiryak and Rassvet sanatoriums. There are covered and open gazebos here. The most interesting is a covered gazebo in the form of a dome (light enters there through a small window). The gazebo is called that – domed. Inside there is a table, chairs, a gazebo for 16 seats. Renting a gazebo costs 2500 rubles for three hours, 4300 for six hours. The administration clarified that after May 15, prices will rise. There are also wrought-iron gazebos at a price of 1,500 rubles for three hours and 2,500 for six hours.

Teddy bear

Medvezhka is a recreation area on the shores of Lake Medvezhye in the Leninsky District. Renting brutal gazebos sheathed with polycarbonate costs from 500 to 700 rubles per hour. Unlimited rent for a day – 3500 rubles. The administration calls them “gazebos of a closed format.” The capacity of the most budget gazebo is 6 people. It has electricity, there is a barbecue area nearby.

The largest gazebo can accommodate 15 people. You can buy “good, branded” coal from administrators for 250 rubles and ignition for 100 rubles.

“Picnic paradise” on Gorskaya

The advantage is that you don’t need a car, you can use public transport. Recreation area on the banks of the Gorsky pit (not to be confused with a quarry), not far from Studencheskaya.

– “Picnic Paradise” is located in a place that combines opposites: the picturesque nature of the lake and the location in the city center. Pleasant music awaits you throughout the Picnic Paradise recreation area, a warm atmosphere and a cozy interior of closed and heated Finnish grill houses, says the description of the recreation area.

At first glance, it sounds dubious, but you can’t argue with the presence of a reservoir and proximity to the metro.

There are indeed Finnish houses (these are closed rooms that can accommodate up to 16 and up to 25 people, a barbecue is inside the gazebo). And now there are no grill pavilions, the administration specified. But there are so-called “barbecue places”: a wooden table and benches plus a barbecue. Renting a barbecue place costs 300 rubles per hour.

When booking a grill house, they promise a gift of liquid for ignition, coal, water and a box of matches.

Birch Grove

In Birch Grove, a picnic can be arranged from 11 to 21. There are four gazebos for 8-10 people. A small gazebo costs 600 rubles per hour (minimum booking time is 3 hours). The VIP zone, where, in addition to the gazebo and barbecue, there is a swing, a small house for children, a small waterfall – 1200 rubles per hour.

The territory of the recreation center “Park by the Sea”

This is the region of the Ob hydroelectric power station, on Sofiyskaya. On the territory of 25 gazebos of different capacities. If you focus on a medium-sized company, up to 10-12 people, you can rent a beautiful stone gazebo. Rent for 6 hours costs 2700 rubles on weekdays, 4500 on weekends. As the administration specified, these are prices for May, in June it will be more expensive, since water will be supplied to the gazebo.

Bugrinskaya grove

Address: Savvy Kozhevnikova, 39. A place from where you can see the Bugrinsky bridge, which is logical. The grill area is called “Bugrinskaya Gavan” here. Renting small summer verandas (accommodating up to 10 people) from Monday to Thursday costs 900 rubles for three hours and 1800 for the whole day. On weekends (from Friday to Sunday) the price of the gazebo will be 1000 rubles for three hours and 2000 rubles for the whole day.

There are larger verandas for up to 15 people. They rent for a day. An hour of rent costs 500 rubles. If you rent for a day (except Saturday), the veranda will cost 4000 rubles. Saturday is the most popular and therefore the most expensive day – the rental price is 5,000 rubles.

If you know good places to stay in the Novosibirsk region, tell us about them in the comments. And for those who do not understand how you can relax, and even more so live in Siberia, you can read the stories of people who moved to Sochi, Anapa or Krasnodar.

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