Participants of the May 9-2021 parade in Novosibirsk will be vaccinated against coronavirus

Those who will go as part of foot and mechanized columns along the main square of the city were vaccinated

In Novosibirsk, the vaccination of the military personnel participating in the May 9 parade has begun. This was reported by the press service of the Central Military District.

The department clarified that those who will pass in the composition of foot and mechanized columns along the main square of the city have been vaccinated.

— The vaccine against COVID-19 was delivered to the military with their written consent. Before vaccination, soldiers and officers underwent a medical examination by a physician and passed a test for antibodies to coronavirus infection. Conversations were held with the vaccinated to inform them about COVID-19, the press service explained.

The Central Military District also added that after the introduction of the vaccine, the military was under the control of doctors for 30 minutes.

On Friday, February 26, an article was published on the NGS about why some scientists doubt the effectiveness of the EpiVacCorona vaccine from the Novosibirsk center «Vector». Read more about this in our material.

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