Residents of a remote area cannot get on transport during rush hour

In the morning, people cannot get on the bus – there are too many people willing. Novosibirsk citizens cannot leave from Fadeeva street during rush hour

Residents of Fadeeva Street were left without public transport during the morning rush hour – several routes pass through the stop, but passengers cannot get on the bus.

A resident of the village Natalya Anisimova told about this. According to her, in the morning rush hour it is impossible to leave the Fadeeva stop. Most go to the metro station “Ploschad Kalinina”, so they try to take bus number 5 (Severny village – Dyukanova) or on route 72 (Severny village – Klyuch-Kamyshenskoye plateau).

– My 14-year-old daughter studies in Kalinin Square, she cannot get on the bus. There, the men cannot get into it, they push, but imagine a thin child, explains Natalya Anisimova. – We found a way out of the situation: we asked the neighbors, they carry her. In winter, at times, the “five” just drove by, did not even stop. The 75th bus goes to Kalinin Square (but it is small and runs once an hour, probably).

According to the Siberian woman, these are the fastest routes for those who need to go to the center, at least to the metro. The rest of the ride is much longer. Rush hour, when it is impossible to leave, is from 06:30 to 09:00. The situation worsened after the opening of a new road to Rodniki through the “Lenta” – it is already impossible to get on Fadeev, as the bus is full.

– In winter, the mayor’s office told us that this situation is due to the coronavirus, supposedly the drivers are sick. But it already seems to us that it is useless to address this issue, – says a resident of the village. – There are a lot of people. Siberia has rebuilt many new houses on Fadeev Street, there are a lot of people. Okay, traffic jams, but why did no one think of additional transport?

According to 2GIS, routes No. 3 (Severny village – Novosibirsk Glavny railway station), No. 14 (Severny – Polevaya) pass through the Fadeeva stop. Also, minibus No. 9 (Kirov House of Culture – Severny village), No. 11 (Severny village – Planetarium) runs through the stop.

The NGS sent a request to the mayor’s office with a request to explain the reason for the interruptions in public transport during the morning rush hours at the Fadeeva stop. The answer has not yet been received.

Recently, in an interview with the NGS, the head of the passenger transportation department of the Novosibirsk mayor’s office, Vladimir Kondaurov, answering a question about the lack of transport in remote areas, explained that a large number of transport does not fit the street and road network.

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