Residents of Razdolny Year travel 14 kilometers to pick up packages

Residents of Razdolny in the Novosibirsk region were left without a post office for a year – it closed last March. The situation caused a lot of discontent among local residents, and the other day one of them – Irina Levanchuk – recorded an emotional video message because of the problem.

And in the “Post of Russia” itself, they explain to her the closure of the department with repairs and “search for personnel.”

– According to the last census of 2010, there were 4,800 inhabitants in Razdolnoye. I think this is enough for such a number of residents for the post office to function. In addition, you yourself understand that if this is a village, then there are a lot of pensioners who use the post office to pay for some services, in order to send a parcel to some, maybe children, receive a registered letter. It is even impossible to imagine that there was no post office in the village! – Irina Levanchuk complained.

Irina Levanchuk said that, if necessary, she goes to the post office in the city (14 kilometers from the village), and some elderly people have to ask someone to go.

– Here I am a pensioner, I retired. And I already want to write something out from AliExpress, do some handicrafts, write out some things. But for each of this little thing, I have to go to the city. And now, you know, the storage time at the post office has greatly decreased, – said the woman.

Galina Gordeenko, head of corporate communications of the Siberia macroregion of the FSUE Russian Post branch, confirmed to the NGS correspondent that the post office in Razdolnoye was closed in March 2020.

– Closed due to the vacancy of the chief. At the same time, postmen continued to deliver pensions, social benefits and correspondence to the residents of Razdolnoye. Other postal services could be obtained at city post offices: 630010 (Technical Street, Dzerzhinsky District) and 630089 (Boris Bogatkov Street, Oktyabrsky District), she said.

According to her, at present, a new branch in Razdolnoye is already being prepared for opening – it will appear next to the closed one.

– A new chief was admitted to the department. From Thursday, the razdolenski will be able to receive parcels and small packages that do not require payment. All other postal services will become available next week when the cash register is registered. This announcement will appear on the post office building, – added Galina Gordeenko.

In the summer of last year, we talked about interruptions in the work of the Russian Post – parcels sent from Novosibirsk back in March were stuck in some unknown place.

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