Road workers got into a fight with a group of passers-by

On the night from Friday to Saturday in the Oktyabrsky district at the intersection of Kirov and Avtogennaya streets, the road workers had a conflict with a group of passers-by from Novosibirsk. The incident was captured on video.

Police started checking because of a fight

The video was published by the group “PE Novosibirsk” in “VKontakte”. The subscriber who sent the video said that “the drunken cattle decided to teach the road workers life.” The footage itself shows a group of workers arguing in loud tones with a group of men. On the ground, two people are fighting, one of them is hit by a worker with a shovel.

Then the crowd of conflicting people begins to scatter in different directions. The fight continues in another place – one of the road workers beats the man with an object that looks like a shovel. The victim is on the ground.

The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for NSO confirmed that the police received an appeal after the conflict:

– At 2 am on April 24, the police received a message that one of the workers of a construction company, who was engaged in road works, was beaten on the street in the Oktyabrsky district. At present, the police officers are checking this fact, and all the circumstances of the incident are being clarified. The parties to the conflict and the victims are identified. Based on the results of the check, a procedural decision will be made.

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