Roundabout where drivers are confused as to whom and how to yield

In Akademgorodok, drivers massively violate traffic rules at a roundabout. The place where Academician Koptyug Avenue, University Avenue, Lyapunov Street and Tereshkova Street meet

Traffic at intersections with roundabouts still raises a number of Novosibirsk motorists a number of questions – who is in charge, how to move out, which lane to occupy, and so on. For example, drivers misinterpret the priority of travel on one interesting ring in Akademgorodok – accidents and setups are possible here. Let’s deal with this intersection – at the same time check your knowledge of traffic rules.

Academic Town is the place where Academician Koptyug Avenue, University Avenue, Lyapunov Street and Tereshkova Street meet. A circular movement is organized here, and the ring is almost square in shape.

Of interest is the place of arrival at the ring, where Tereshkova Street and Koptyug Avenue are connected. For each traffic flow there is a sign 4.3 “Roundabout”. And who, in your opinion, should give in when entering the ring at the same time – a car from Tereshkova Street or a car from Koptyug Avenue?

– A square intersection with a “Roundabout” sign without a “Give way” sign. The problem is between those who enter the circle from Koptyug Avenue and those who enter the circle from Tereshkova Street. Both of them have a sign “Roundabout”. Geographically, the entrances to the roundabout are located almost simultaneously, but the intersection is square, that is, it is stretched, and if those entering the roundabout with Tereshkova start moving a fraction of a second earlier, then for those entering from Koptyug they are already on the roundabout and the second must let them pass.

– But it is impossible to calculate this fraction of a second, because those who enter from Koptyug believe that they are arriving at the same time and are on the right, and do not let them through from Tereshkova Street. In the event of an accident, the territorial arrangement of cars on the diagram – the guilt of those who drive in from Koptyug, – this is how local residents, readers of the NGS describe the situation.

In other words, a car that entered the intersection from Tereshkova Street is already on the ring, and accordingly, it has priority. But neither those nor the other drivers understand this. They think that one should be guided by the hindrance from the right.

For example, a car from Tereshkova Street is parked and allows cars from Koptyug, although geographically it has already crossed the border of the intersection. Well, those drivers calmly drive into the ring, thinking that they are right. So it would be nice for such motorists to take another look at traffic rules and carefully understand the priorities at the ring, as well as the boundaries of the intersection.

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