Russia has closed flights to Turkey and Tanzania

Regular flights with Tanzania and Turkey are suspended from April 15 to June 1. The reason is a sharp increase in the number of cases .

In Turkey, at the beginning of the year, 10-15 thousand new cases of coronavirus were recorded every day, but since the first days of April, the numbers have sharply increased. As of April 12, 3.85 million cases of the disease were officially registered in Turkey (+50 678 cases per day). In addition, according to Rospotrebnadzor, it was from Turkey that new strains of coronavirus were imported to Russia.

With Tanzania, the situation is slightly different. Local authorities do not recognize the pandemic, they do not keep statistics on cases.

And to get there, a tourist does not need a health certificate or a vaccination certificate. In addition, according to the headquarters, tourists have a chance to catch malaria.

According to the decision of the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus in Russia, air traffic is suspended until the epidemiological situation stabilizes.

Have all flights been stopped?

Practically. The headquarters announced the termination of regular and charter flights, but left two reciprocal flights to Turkey — from Moscow to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Moscow. For citizens who are already in Turkey, there will be an opportunity to both continue their vacation and fly out on export flights.

What to do for those who have bought tours but have not left yet?

So far, the government has recommended that the Russians, who purchased tours before June 1, agree with the operators on changing the country of rest. Tourists scheduled to travel after this date will be kept informed of developments.

Ural Airlines told RIA Novosti that they are ready to return money for tickets for canceled flights to Turkey. S7 said that they are suspending flights to Turkey and are waiting for information about the export of Russians.

Aeroflot will continue flights to Turkey on April 13-14. With departures starting from April 15, the airline will offer passengers to exchange tickets.

What should tourists who are already in Turkey do?

For Russian citizens who ended up in Turkey, there will be an opportunity to both continue their vacation and fly out on export flights.

— Organized tourists will be able to return to Russia as planned, in accordance with the dates of the end of the tours, — said the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova. — Tourists who decide to return before the end date of the tour will be able to do so in agreement with the tour operator. In some cases, it is possible to change the dates of the return flight to an earlier date, so we recommend keeping in touch with the representatives of the tour operators.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova specified that in the future Rostourism will take a package of measures to help tourists, including financial support.

Where else can you fly?

Tourists can still fly to the UAE on vacation. Before departure, you need to download the DXB Smart App or Pure Health App — they will receive the results of PCR tests, they will also track your location. Conditions of entry: PCR test results on paper (preferably in English, done 72 hours before departure). Children under 12 years old and people with severe disabilities do not need to take the test. Before boarding the plane, passengers fill out a «health declaration», upon arrival at the airport they need to pass another test. Leaving the hotel room is prohibited until the results of this test appear. All tourists also need additional medical insurance against coronavirus, which covers possible hospitalization and observation.

Since April 1, flights with Cyprus have been opened, for entry you need a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before departure (you can not take it to children under 12 years old). Upload the result to the Cyprus Flight Pass platform.

The Maldives requires a PCR test done no earlier than 96 hours before travel. You can not take the test only for children under one year old. If you suspect signs of covid at the airport, you and your family members will have to take a second test (the cost of the test is about $ 100 per person).

For Cuba, you need a PCR test done 72 hours in advance, you will have to take another test upon arrival. Vaccination does not replace the requirement to take the test. For tourists, medical insurance against COVID-19 is also required, it costs about $ 30. When entering Cuba, you also need to fill out a health declaration.

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