Sberbank got a loan for Sberbank for half a million using SMS

A loan for 500 thousand was issued by scammers to a resident of Novosibirsk. The loan was issued for five years. Now a woman will have to pay more than 5 thousand rubles a month

A resident of Novosibirsk suffered from the actions of telephone scammers, who issued a loan for her for 500 thousand, and then withdrew all the money from the account. Now the bank refuses to cancel the transaction.

How the scammers acted

– Mom got a call from number 900. They said: “They tried to get a loan for you in Krasnodar.” They said that they would close it now. There were the sounds of Sberbank, and the codes came from number 900. She said only one code. They knew her name, they themselves read out her passport details. That is, they said everything themselves. How they knew this is unknown. As a result, she told them only one code, they issued a loan of 500 thousand rubles for her and wrote off all the money, – said the victim’s daughter Anastasia.

After that, the girl immediately blocked the card, called the bank with a request to cancel this payment and explained that the money was withdrawn by scammers. However, they refused to withdraw the operation.

– We wrote a statement to the police. They said: “We will, of course, take the application, but Sberbank must withdraw the payment within 24 hours.” Sberbank refused to do this. The reason for the refusal is not announced, – adds Anastasia.

After receiving the loan, the scammers debited large sums of money from the card. In the victim’s phone, according to her, the Sberbank number is reflected as 9-00, not 900

The fraudsters took a loan for 500 thousand at 16.9% per annum. The monthly payment was just over five thousand rubles.

As the injured woman herself noted in a conversation with the NGS correspondent, at the police station where she applied, she was told that they had already accepted eight applications from victims of fraudsters in a day.

– My daughter called the hotline, they blocked my card. I went to Sberbank, said that they probably know the accounts to which this money was transferred. They didn’t give me this information, and I don’t even know if they will. These scammers are calling around the city, calling all people. Just yesterday, they called my friend like that, but I warned her, – added Anastasia’s mother.

What they say in the bank

Immediately after the funds were debited, the victim turned to Sberbank, but they explained that they would not cancel the operation, since the bank “has no grounds for a refund.”

The NGS correspondent sent a request to Sberbank. They did not comment specifically on this situation, which happened to a resident of Novosibirsk, but recalled the safety rules when using a bank card.

– Attackers can call from a number similar to 900, but differing by one digit. To protect yourself, write down the bank number 900 in your phone address book. If the call is from another number, then on the phone screen it will be displayed as a combination of numbers that differs from 900. Do not perform any operations on the instructions of the caller. The bank employee does all operations to protect the card himself. End the conversation immediately. A bank employee will never ask you for security codes on the back of the card (CVV / CVC), login from Sberbank Online, codes from SMS, bank card number. Unlike fraudsters, whose task is to obtain confidential information in any way, – the press service of the Siberian Bank of Sberbank PJSC specified.

The bank also reminded that if information from the card or personal data became available to third parties, the card should be immediately blocked through Sberbank Online or by calling the bank’s help desk.

Can I get my money back? Expert comments

As the divisional head of marketing communications of one of the banks in Novosibirsk Daria Adamovich explained, the fraudsters were able to get a loan for such an amount by gaining access to the woman’s Internet bank, where she probably had pre-approved loans.

– Many have pre-approved loans. It’s okay, this is a loan offer. If the loan is pre-approved, then you can get money in one click. And this is where the scammers catch it. In fact, there are two affected parties – the woman herself and Sberbank. And we constantly reiterate that you should never, under any circumstances, provide any codes or passwords over the phone. Even if all your personal data is called there. Better to hang up, go to a bank branch or call back, – said the expert.

She also suggested that the fraudsters got access to the personal data of the woman by purchasing databases. And number 900 appeared with the help of a special number substitution mechanism.

– Unfortunately, this story is another precedent when people themselves give their data. It is also a pain for any financial institution. In any case, you need to write a statement to the police, you need to carefully look at the essence of the loan. Maybe there is some kind of insurance that can be returned, – summed up Daria Adamovich.

The NGS sent a request to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to comment on the situation; at the time of publication, no response was received.

In mid-January, 12 thousand rubles were deducted from the card of a Novosibirsk citizen for taxi rides that he did not make.

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