Scientist who complained about salary to Putin wins presidential prize

On Monday, February 8, Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding the President’s Prize to young scientists. The document was published on the website of legal information.

The list includes three researchers from Novosibirsk, including candidate of biological sciences Anastasia Proskurina. It was she who today complained to the president about low salaries.

The girl works at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics

Young Scientists from Novosibirsk Received the Presidential Prize

Awards were also received by Ekaterina Potter and Evgeniya Dolgova – candidates of biological sciences and senior research fellows of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the SB RAS.

– For the formation of a new ideology in the treatment of patients with malignant tumors, based on the time-coordinated action of innovative preparations of nucleic acids and crosslinking cytostatics, says the text of the decree.

Earlier, Anastasia Proskurina, during a meeting of the Presidential Council for Science and Education, told Vladimir Putin about how much she earns.

– I am a senior researcher, and my salary is 25 thousand rubles. This is, in principle, a fairly high position, as I think. In my opinion, the salary does not match. This year we were given a bonus – this is 6 thousand. That is, in total at the moment I receive 32 thousand rubles. After you issued your decree on increasing salaries for research workers, it was three years ago, we proposed to move employees part-time, that is, to report on the increase in salaries, she explained.

After that, the president instructed the ministers to deal with the salaries of scientists not only in the Novosibirsk region, but also in other regions.

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