Secrets from Svetlana Permyakova: how to lose weight without diets

Actress Svetlana Permyakova has been living in Moscow for about ten years and is actively acting in films. Despite the success, she does not forget about her native Perm and often comes here. Our colleagues talked with the artist and found out what she is working on now, how she is raising her daughter Varyusha and why she is going to lose weight again.

Before her life in Moscow, Svetlana played in the Lysvensky Theater and the Perm Youth Theater, became famous thanks to the creative duet «Svetka and Zhanka» with Zhanna Kadnikova in the team of the Club of cheerful and resourceful «Parma». Thanks to her success in KVN, she began her acting career in Moscow. The first film roles that brought fame to the actress were the senior warrant officer Topalova in the TV series Soldiers (12+) and the nurse Lyuba in the TV series Interns (16+). Now Permyachka continues to act in films, participates in entreprise, hosts television programs and creates her own projects.

So, now Svetlana is working on a new project «Losing Weight with Svetlana Permyakova» (0+). The actress notes: it is associated with the acquisition of a new way of life, and she does not like the word «diet», because it is associated with prohibitions. The project starts on April 12 on the actress’s website.

— Svetlana, it seems you have already lost weight. Why did you decide to do it again?

— I’ve never been thin. And after all my weight loss experiments and diets, I again gained pounds, and then lost weight again. So I have experience. After self-isolation, many of them lost their way of life. We stayed at home, allowed ourselves to eat a lot and moved a little. Therefore, we, Maxim Scriabin (husband and director of the actress. — Ed.) And our company Everett Production decided to do what I have been able to do well for many years: to lose weight. And I decided to help other people with this.

— Is this project designed for women only?

— I would like to make it for women who are close to my age: 35–45 years old. But if suddenly men are interested, then, of course, welcome to our project. I’ll only be glad.

— Will it be enough just to eat right, or will you also have to go jogging?

— This is a complex that will include physical activity. We also attracted several medical specialists: therapist, endocrinologist, psychologist, gynecologist and fitness trainer. I also called my doctor Sergei Agapkin, with whom I worked on the TV program «On the Most Important One» (0+). He is a master in rehabilitation and knows how to deal with difficulties very well.

The actress has already participated in weight loss projects.

— But not everyone wants to change something in themselves. How to understand that weight loss is necessary?

— A person is configured in such a way that he always lacks something. The thin ones want to get better, and the plump ones want to lose weight. Therefore, in my course I want to share the main thing: you need to love yourself in any form. If, according to some formula, you have an extra five to ten kilograms, but you are comfortable in such a body, and there are people nearby who love just that, then maybe nothing needs to be changed. You are you, unique and amazing. But if the same excess weight interferes with your health, then you need to think about it and, possibly, change something.

— Fans follow your instagram, and there periodically appears a funny woman Sveta with a bun of gray hair. Rather, you are in her image. Is that makeup?

— This is a wonderful filter on my phone, which fits well on my face, and this is how Baba Sveta appeared. She is a hooligan and can even swear. But given her age-perfect qualities, she is allowed to. She is a kind of my face of truth and can say what Svetlana Permyakova herself would never have said. And she has something to tell. And she also carries folk wisdom, which is passed down from generation to generation. My mother had many such fairy tales, retellings, sayings that I would like to embody now just in the image of Sveta’s woman. She also gives wise advice. Mikhalych is filming me, let it remain under that name. Baba Sveta comes up with monologues herself, she’s a very clever girl.

— And you also publish photos of wonderful and graceful dogs. Are these yours?

— There are many animals in our house. Maxim has two skinny little liverworts and one big Greyhound, but he is the kindest. His name is Mist. Despite the size, he considers himself a small puppy and wants to climb up to everyone’s handles. And Varyusha and I have cats, we are cats. Moreover, Chudov the cat is already 13 years old, he has already become a grandfather. Last year we had Murka — a completely rural creature, she even catches moles. I’m waiting for the summer to take the cat out into nature, this is her natural element. We also have parrots, Achatina snails and fish. So the room is full of animals. Varya loves them all very much, helps them take care of them, feeds them, strokes and kisses them. A wonderful helper is growing for me and dad, I am very happy about that.

— Does Varya look like you as a child? Do you recognize yourself in it?

— It is an amazing miracle when children are born, you start to see how they look like you in childhood. Yes, at some moments I notice that she is me. But I also see the features of Maxim in Varya. And, of course, she has her own views, facial expressions.

Svetlana Permyakova, Maxim Scriabin and their daughter Varya

— And who does Varya want to become? An actress?

— It is not yet known, but I do not want to impose my opinion and will not. Now, together with my dad, we just invite her to consider different options. But while she has a desire to become a policeman, an astronaut, she draws and cooks well, but she categorically does not want to be an actress. This is not something that pleases me, or vice versa, I take it all with humor.

— Share with your daughter what was in your childhood?

— Varenka was born to me at the age of 40, so I try to be such a wise mother. This dad is young and impulsive. Of course, I try to share with her what I read and watched as a child. She is very fond of «Caprice». This book is from my Perm childhood. Vorobyov wrote a wonderful work, but unfortunately they do not know him in Moscow, and, wherever I am, I advise everyone to read The Caprice and our Perm authors. Well, they watched a cartoon of our Perm film studio, and also a film about Ivan Semyonov (0+). My daughter quickly learned all the jokes and jokes from it like «No syrup». Remember? (In one of the plots of the film, Ivan Semyonov mimicked everyone, including a man buying a soda. The buyer stuttered and told the seller «No syrup», and Ivan Semyonov immediately mimicked him. — Ed.).

Every girl feels like a little princess. Varya for sure too

— By the way, do you know that they are planning to shoot a film about Ivan Semyonov (0+) in Perm?

— Finally we remembered about this book and the film! I am very glad for this message. And I would be glad to play in it in any role: mother, grandmother, teacher, and even in the image of Leni, who haunted Semyonov (we conveyed Svetlana’s wishes to the film director Anton Bogdanov. — Ed.).

— Do you miss your hometown, do not dream?

— Of course, I dream! After all, both childhood and adolescence passed in it, I left it already at a conscious age, then I was already over 30 years old. I remember the smell of Perm, even NefteOrgSintez, because I lived on Nagorny, not far from it. I remember Perm-II, the time when I worked as a conductor.

— Where do you go first of all in your hometown, when you arrive, with whom do you try to meet?

— Varyushka and I come to Perm every year for a week. We stop in the center, my friend lives there. We walk along Lenin Street, near the drama theater, fountains. And since my cousins, brothers, aunts, and also friends, classmates, classmates live in Perm, I try, whenever possible, to meet everyone. But even a week is not enough for such meetings. Of course, Moscow has become my second city, especially since my daughter was born there. But I still love my homeland very much and am proud that I come from Perm and my surname is Permyakov. She will remain so.

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