Siberian about the strange outcome of the conflict with the son of a United Russia deputy

In 2020, this criminal story became resonant. First, a man was cut with a knife during a normal neighborhood conflict. Secondly, it was not some marginalized people who participated in the quarrel, but a well-known businessman and deputy from United Russia with his son (also not a marginal). Thirdly, during the investigation, pressure was exerted on the participants in this story.

And the punishment of the guilty, in spite of everything, was also not entirely expected … 

A year later, the court put an end to the sensational case of the Berd deputy Mkrtich Hovsepyan, his son Hovsep and the injured HR specialist Maxim Borshchev. Maxim told on his Facebook page how this story ended. We publish his opinion column with small abbreviations.

More than a year later, the time has come to put an end to and highlight the continuation of the story with the deputy Hovsepyan and his son. This story does not have the best ending, which I would like to see, living in an ideal world, but I will try to give only facts here and draw pragmatic conclusions from all this. Not pragmatic I have already gone through.

A short proof: On March 29, 2020, on the staircase of my own house, I had a conflict with my neighbors, as it turned out later – the deputy of the Berd city council from United Russia Mkrtich Hovsepyan and his son Hovsep. During the conflict, my son stabbed me in the stomach with damage to internal organs – he punctured my stomach. I was urgently operated on, Hovsepyan Jr. was detained on the same night and sent to a pre-trial detention center. A criminal case was opened. Mkrtich Hovsepyan remained at large and subsequently did not even receive a criminal record.

Even before I left the hospital, significant pressure began to be exerted on me. The opposite side hired lawyers, launched a press campaign, and in May 2020 opened a counter-criminal case against me about my alleged entry into the apartment of the Hovsepyan family, according to which I was later fully acquitted.

Seemingly common criminality and common criminals. Then why did it happen? Yes, everything is very simple: my defendants turned out to be not ordinary, but elite. Mkrtich Hovsepyan is a well-known Berd businessman, and also a deputy of the Berd City Council.

Well, it started. 28 court hearings, including monthly extensions of custody, 12 face-to-face confrontations, 8 examinations, interrogation trips, investigative experiments, verification of testimony on the spot, checks by the prosecutor’s office, and so on … In general, I would not wish anyone to get into such shit. But we held on. My lawyer later even joked that during the whole process I passed the first year law school program with excellence.

Left – Berd MP Mkrtich Hovsepyan. On the right is Maxim Borshchev. Their conflict ended in stabbing, and the deputy’s son was in the dock.

By the end of the summer, the investigation in both criminal cases was absolutely clear, but our judicial and legal system is very slow: everything ended only recently, at the end of March. Exactly one year. The case from above was watched by everyone who could reach it (what and how – guess for yourself), and I had no further guarantees of my own safety, physical and legal. I put on video surveillance and learned to look around. All this, in fact, is like in a not-so-good movie, only it is quite real. And there is nothing good in the fact that the nerves are already completely giving up.

Then came the second part of the Marlezon Ballet. The opposing lawyer, who took the line about prosecuting me, was suddenly fired by his clients. New lawyers were hired and negotiations started, as a result of which I was paid all expenses for lawyers, medicine, health and moral harm.

At the same time, another very serious person came to me, whose name I cannot name, but I can only say that he has nothing to do with the power structures and enjoys a certain degree of respect in certain circles. This person gave me certain guarantees of our further physical and legal safety in exchange for the sentence not being as harsh as possible.

Here I will interrupt a little and, warning negative comments, I will say: I don’t think that in this process I got at least dirty in something. I did not change a single line of my testimony, which was absolutely identical in all materials of both cases, I did not lie at confrontations and interrogations, I did not sell my dignity. I just took what I lost in the course of this case. He took what was due to me anyway: a year of life, frayed nerves, money spent and unearned during this time. It’s very easy to sit on the couch, read this and argue, and when you have a round amount of debt and very vague prospects about whether or not you will be beaten in the near future, you start to think very differently.

And the next phase was the trial, which ran from November 2020 to March 2021. And here, I will not deny, there was an unexpected thing for me, about which I guessed in my heart, but did not believe until I ran into him personally. Clause “h” of Part 4 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (causing grievous bodily harm with danger to life and health) implies a punishment of up to 10 years in prison in a different regime. Hovsepyan Jr. was given 1.5 years of a real term and a criminal conviction, and the other day he has already left the pre-trial detention center. Even conditionally, they did not hang from above. It was a shock for us, of course. We counted on at least 3-4 years. This is a prison, but it would be somehow humanly correct. I will not draw conclusions about how the system works and why everything is so. Everyone already knows where we live.

Now I will argue pragmatically and describe what will happen next and how.

1. If, in spite of the guarantees given to me, I feel any, even the slightest threat against myself or my loved ones, I will become completely angry and will go to the end. And I will not stop. Over the past year, whether I like it or not, I have collected a huge amount of very different information about the most diverse people with whom I came into contact in this case.

2. I finally decided that I would leave as soon as I could. I will leave this territory.

3. I am alive, healthy as much as it is possible to be healthy after such a thing. Gradually, I will finally recover: both physically and psychologically. I have people whom I trust and whom I value, have a job that I like, education and publicity that I have been earning for years; there are things that I really love to do. And the whole world is open. Perhaps I will come back here. Maybe already old, but still quite healthy, happy, strong and rich, I will personally come and present a program on how to erase all the filth from our society. And she will be etched out of here, of course. But for now, do not forget that the muck is and lives, perhaps, next to you, in the same entrance, walks with you to the same store and takes the children to the same school with you. Look around and never forget where you and I live. And remember

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