Spectacular twins from Novosibirsk tried to conquer the brothers on the show “Let’s get married!”

On the evening of Friday, March 12, the next release of the program “Let’s Get Married!” Was released on Channel One, in which the twin sisters from Novosibirsk, Alina and Regina, took part. 28-year-old girls came to the program to fight for the hearts of brothers from Omsk.

– Owners of a beauty salon and an international online school of creative hairstyles. They live in Novosibirsk. Volleyball champions of Kazakhstan, dream of world fame. They admit that they sleep in one bed and share one wardrobe for two. They hope to meet men who will be sympathetic to their relative union, – they said in the program about Alina and Regina.

The sisters came to the show in spectacular long dresses with a floral print – the presenters immediately noted their external similarity. The girls immediately impressed the grooms – they did not expect twins to come to them.

– The Shemetov brothers are multiple champions of Russia and the world in kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Founders of the Omsk Academy of Martial Arts. They are proud of their contract with a well-known Japanese sports company. They love sex, meat and Siberian forests. They warn that they are not turned on by brutal women. They marry spectacular mischievous chatterboxes who do not neglect beauty injections, adore the Russian bath and know how to melt cold men’s hearts, – they said in the show about Sergei and Vitaly.

The girls admitted that they like one type of men. But at the same time, each chooses a different type of character.

– We have a taboo, a rule – if we like one person, each of us does not take any steps towards him. We are waiting for this young man to take the initiative himself, ”the sisters admitted.

As a surprise, the twins prepared a fiery dance for the brothers.

– You are from Siberia, we are from Siberia – tired of this cold winter, let’s melt it with hot dances. Support us, let’s make a good noise.

Suddenly, during the dance, a man in a bear costume appeared on the stage, who also began to dance, and then ate pancakes from the hands of Rosa Syabitova.

At the end of the program, Sergei and Vitaly, alas, chose another participant in the show.

In February, the program “Let’s Get Married!” with a 67-year-old bottle artist from Novosibirsk. He managed to subdue the bride.

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