The biggest resident of Novosibirsk told how his life changed in a month

The hero of our January publication, Konstantin Kraev from Novosibirsk, continues to move towards his goal. A man dreams of weighing 100 kilograms – this is how much his normal weight once was. The scales are now showing 188 kilograms.

The captain of a fishing vessel began his way of losing weight at 250.

For the holidays, the Kraev family decided to arrange a presidential vacation in Gorny Altai. The couple stopped their choice at the ecological resort “Maryin Ostrov”. They chose this place for a reason. The resort offers “natural longevity programs”, and Olga and Konstantin are just actively involved in their health.

– Let’s go for the holidays. Relax. The main thing when choosing a location was that they offer the right food. We checked into a presidential suite, four stars. This is the presidential corps. We were told that Russian President Vladimir Putin stayed in our room three times, – Olga said. – But everything is beating here. I’m already neurotic. I’m afraid to even touch my husband. The staff in this regard answered us: “We are already used to it.” But they didn’t even apologize to us for the jambs.

A voucher for two cost 31 thousand rubles (all inclusive) for two days, plus the third day as a gift. A lot of people are resting here now – the holidays are the same. This resort (as they say) is in 19th place on the Forbes list.

Pros: clean, at check-in they help to bring suitcases, waiters run and do not sit still, good quality TV. Cons: terrible Wi-Fi, the bidet in the room is “walking”, not fixed, there is no way to wash in the pool (there are no shelves for accessories in the shower, the taps are “dead”), the fountains do not work. There is no time to make tea for guests – only two small teapots for a large group of vacationers.

A separate disappointment for the couple was that they did not get to dinner on the pre-holiday evening:

– Yesterday there was only one large table free for eight guests. We wanted to sit at it, but we were told: “This is a table for a large company.” Where should we sit? There are no more places. “Ok, if you eat really fast, then sit down.” After some time, a waiter came up to us: “There is a small table free, please change over there.” We didn’t go to dinner today. After yesterday, I don’t even want to. It seems that we are superfluous on this holiday.

The ecological resort “Maryin Ostrov” is located in the Chemal region of the Altai Republic. The place is known for the fact that in 2009 Vladimir Putin rested here. He even left a handwritten review, which is still on the resort’s website: “Thank you very much for your hospitality and warmth! Good luck!” In addition to Putin, singer Irina Ortman, musician Vyacheslav Petkun, TV presenter Larisa Verbitskaya, sportsman and politician Alexander Karelin, top model Natalia Vodianova and other celebrities rested here.

Upon returning home, the Siberian will have an exciting procedure – weighing.

– I’m afraid after all inclusive. On February 20, the weight was 188.5 kg. Although he is on vacation, he tries to adhere to proper nutrition. Eats a lot of vegetables. Some meat. And no carbohydrates (except for breakfast in the form of porridge). If only he didn’t score at sea (Konstantin Kraev is the captain of a fishing vessel, he will have to spend the next six months on watch at sea. – Ed.), – says the spouse, who is no less worried about his success than her husband.

Konstantin Kraev, a 47-year-old resident of Novosibirsk, has been struggling with excess weight for a long time. In his youth, he was slender, but when he began to earn good money, he began to pamper himself. He decided to pull himself together only when the scales showed 250 kilograms. He was in the Institute of Dietetics and resorted to the installation of an intragastric balloon. But this did not produce sustainable results. Only at the end of 2020, he went on the right path: now Konstantin is losing weight under the supervision of specialists, is engaged in feasible physical exercises and eats right. As a result, in a few months he managed to lose weight up to 190 kilograms.

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