The Central Bank took away the license from the bank «Neiva»

The Central Bank revoked the license from the Ural bank «Neiva», which has offices in Novosibirsk. The bank claims that this was due to the sale of US dollars. The central bank insists that the bank regularly violated federal laws.

On April 16, the Bank of Russia, by order No. OD-689, revoked the banking license from the credit institution Bank Neiva.

The bank is registered in Yekaterinburg and ranks 188th in terms of assets. In total, 782 credit organizations are registered in the system.

There are now two branches of the bank in Novosibirsk: at 228 Frunze Street and 11 Stanislavsky Street.

Why was the license taken away?

The Central Bank’s website describes in detail the reasons for the withdrawal of the license.

— The Bank of Russia made such a decision in accordance with paragraphs. 6 and 6.1 of the first part of Article 20 of the Federal Law «On Banks and Banking Activities». Bank Neiva violated federal laws regulating banking activities, as well as regulations of the Bank of Russia, in connection with which the regulator has repeatedly applied measures against it over the past 12 months, including imposing restrictions on certain banking operations. The bank also committed repeated violations of the requirements of the legislation in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism, the Central Bank’s website says.

Bank Neiva has now appointed a temporary administration of the Bank of Russia — it will work until the appointment of a receiver or liquidator.

— Bank «Neiva» carried out dubious transactions in the sale of foreign currency in cash to individuals in significant volumes. The Bank of Russia also canceled the license for the Neiva Bank to carry out professional activities in the securities market, the department added.

What does the bank say?

Today in Yekaterinburg, a crowd of clients has gathered at the central office of the bank. Neiva said that the reason for the revocation of the license was foreign exchange transactions.

— The reason is trivial — it is currency exchange operations. Today, in the current geopolitical situation, as it turned out, selling US dollars is wrong. Our fault is that we did not sense this change in the mood of the regulator in time, — said the representative of the bank Konstantin Lyovushkin. — We are upset that the regulator revoked the license without declaring war, without explaining the reasons. We began to suspect with a sixth sense that something was happening yesterday, when the US announced sanctions on the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation. Obviously, citizens buying US dollars, in fact, obligations of a foreign state are wrong. And we really traded currencies in large volumes, all these years it was our usual activity on which our clients earned money.

According to him, the bank learned about the incident together with the clients — at 08:55.

Now it is no longer possible to go to the bank’s website — instead, the Central Bank page with information about the revocation of the license is displayed.

According to our colleagues, the audience listened to the representative of the bank very attentively and did not make any claims.

— Open a new bank, we will come to you! — answered Lyovushkin’s speech in the crowd. After the performance, there was applause.

What should depositors do now?

— Bank Neiva is a member of the deposit insurance system, therefore, the amount of deposits will be returned to depositors in the amount of 100% of the balance, but not more than 1.4 million rubles in aggregate per depositor (including accrued interest on deposits), taking into account the specifics, established by Chapter 2.1 of the Federal Law «On Insurance of Deposits in Banks of the Russian Federation», — stated on the website of the Central Bank.

The deposits will be paid by the State Corporation «Deposit Insurance Agency». There is a round-the-clock hotline: 8 800 200-08-05.

At the end of December last year, the Bank of Russia took the license from the settlement non-bank credit organization Payment Standard, registered in Novosibirsk.

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