The court arrested the deputy minister of transport of the Novosibirsk region for a bribe

Sergei Stavitsky was arrested until May 16, 2021. Sergei Stavitsky was taken into custody until mid-May

Today, on March 20, the Oktyabrsky District Court has chosen a measure of restraint for Sergei Stavitsky, who was detained for taking a bribe, the court’s website says.

– By the decision of the Oktyabrskiy District Court of Novosibirsk dated 20.03.2021, a preventive measure was chosen in the form of detention for 1 month 28 days against the accused S.V. Stavitskiy, that is, until May 16, 2021, – indicated in the message.

The decision has not yet entered into legal force and can be appealed.

Deputy Minister of Transport of the Novosibirsk Region Sergei Stavitsky was detained on March 19, on the same day searches were carried out in the department and in the Territorial Administration of Highways. Investigators opened a case against the deputy minister on suspicion of taking a bribe of 1.5 million rubles – it was handed over to the official by the head of TUAD Mikhail Chumanov.

Later, the investigators showed a video with the detainee: it was filmed in the government building and in the house of Sergei Stavitsky. The frame includes bundles of money, jewelry and car keys. The NGS found out how much a government official was officially earning at the same time.

In December, a criminal case was opened in Novosibirsk against the head of the Territorial Administration of Highways of the Novosibirsk Region, Mikhail Chumanov, on suspicion of taking bribes. The arrest of the former head of TUAD was caught on video. The next day, the court chose a preventive measure for the suspects.

According to the investigation, Mikhail Chumanov received bribes in the amount of 100 thousand and 5 million rubles. The NGS told what is known about firms that are suspected of transferring money in exchange for “general patronage.” In early March, the court extended his and his brother Igor Listopad’s arrest for three months – they are accused of taking bribes.

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