The head of the school food factory, talking to a journalist

It seems that the picture is starting to become clear who in our regions organizes baby food. In Tyumen, the scandal related to Olga Girilyuk, the general director of the central school feeding complex, does not abate.

It all started when our colleague tried to get a comment from the head of an organization that feeds most of the children in the city’s schools. But Olga Girilyuk responded to journalist Maria Tokmakova in such a way that even the governor felt uneasy. When asked about the quality of food in educational institutions, the budget woman was so rude that any market trader could envy her. Girilyuk, the media representative, called a “fucking” and bribe-taker, cursing her and her children:

– I tell you as I say. You are a briber, you take money. And, of course, your appearance is not very pretty, hmm. Therefore, I understand that such freaks should not be in this area. Come on, good luck. (This is only a part of her “fiery speech”. – Ed.)

And this, we note, is not the first scandal in the country related to the nutrition of schoolchildren. This time the situation reached the governor and the head of the city.

We figure out who is trusted to feed our children, how Girilyuk became the head of a large enterprise, what conflicts were associated with her. And also we will find out the opinions of Olga Girilyuk’s colleagues and her competitors.

Brief chronology of events

Questions about the organization of school meals are always raised, but they sounded even more active this spring after the release of the rating of the most tasteless meals, which included the Tyumen region. The publication became the subject of discussions both in schools and on special commissions. The journalists decided to find out how the problem is being solved. In the article, the editors of 72.RU reflected the positions of those who are for and those who are against such food, and also turned to the Department of Education with questions about meals in the city’s schools. You can read the text at this link.

The journalists wanted to make sure that the Tyumen region did not expect the mass poisonings that took place throughout the country. The last cases were recorded in Dagestan, Smolensk region, Moscow region. The loudest thundered was the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Since the beginning of the year, there have been three cases of mass poisoning of children with school meals, the largest outbreak in Krasnoyarsk, where more than 100 children from 27 city schools have suffered. The scandal reached the highest offices of the country – Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on March 15 called this unacceptable, demanding that the governors pay close attention to the issue of nutrition. It looks like Tyumen has decided to keep up with the scale of the scandal.

The reaction of the authorities

The behavior of the head of school lunches in Tyumen, as we have already said, angered Governor Alexander Moor and the head of Tyumen Ruslan Kukharuk. The head of the city noted that such people should not work in organizations that provide services to the population. But the head of the central school food factory herself wrote a letter of resignation.

“Sometimes I think that nothing can surprise me. But today I was really surprised when I heard the director of a school food factory talking to a journalist. Yes, even if it were not a journalist, but just a random person, then you cannot talk to people like that! A person working in a public office must comply with the highest cultural standards. I hope that the city administration will correctly assess this situation and take appropriate decisions, ”wrote Alexander Moor, Governor of the Tyumen Region, in his social media account.

The very conversation that became the reason for the proceedings and dismissal.

“Green cutlets” and the elimination of a competitor – what scandals have Girilyuk already got into

Now the school feeding complex “Central” serves 49 schools in Tyumen and four in the Tyumen region. In 2018, some of these educational institutions were fed by the Novokuznetsk company “OMS – Medical Nutrition”. She won the competition by offering to feed the schoolchildren cheaper than others. But the company did not stay on the market for a long time: already at the end of September of that year, parents, children and even directors of educational institutions began to complain massively to the regional Rospotrebnadzor. Main complaint: cold and tasteless food. After that, the inspectors decided to check the quality of food in eight Tyumen schools, which were served by “Therapeutic Nutrition”. At the same time, the parents complained not only about this supplier, but also about the Tyumen firm “KSHP” Centralny “”. Then the director of the plant Olga Girilyuk told 72.RU what she thinks about the scandal:

“Our competitors from the Kemerovo region, who worked in Tyumen for two weeks, served 10 schools (17 canteens). After the termination of contracts with them, the heads of the schools contacted us to conclude new service contracts with us. As for the information that we somehow allegedly hindered the work of “CHI – Medical Nutrition”, it is not true. It seems to me that there should be healthy competition in everything. “

She added that in 2018 and their organization was complained about because of the food in schools:

“Indeed, there have been complaints against us as well. Parents and children talked about cold food and complained about “green patties.” We understand that it is extremely difficult to cover for 200 people in 10 minutes, the food cools down. Therefore, today school principals purchase thermo carts. We’ve added a culinary product to our menu this year that will help children grow – this is a beef cutlet with spinach. Many did not like the so-called green cutlet, so we removed it from the menu. “

The conflict that occurred two years ago forced the Novokuznetsk company to leave the market, the company terminated contracts with all Tyumen schools. The second company, to which there were complaints about “green cutlets”, had to revise the menu. And take under your wing a few more “liberated” schools.

After that, three companies remained in Tyumen, which to this day are engaged in school meals. In addition to KSHP “Central”, this is “Healthy Nutrition” – she feeds two schools. Another “breadwinner” that can make a good competition to the KSHP “Central” is “Magic of taste”. She has in her assets all the schools of the Tyumen region and two in the city.

Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

We have studied the materials of the inspections of the enterprise, posted in the public domain, and we tell you what violations were found by the specialists of the regulatory authorities in relation to the KSP.

In January and February, Rospotrebnadzor employees noted that it is not clean everywhere, the actual diet does not correspond to the approximate approved menu.

From December 21, 2020 to January 25, 2021, the Tsentralny KSP was checked on behalf of the President. Experts have found bacteria of the Escherichia coli group, and in the carrots produced by the agricultural firm “KRiMM” they found an excess of nitrates.

From December 10, 2020 to January 14, 2021, the inspection was carried out by Rospotrebnadzor. Experts recorded 13 violations at once. Again, bacteria of the E. coli group, unmarked blanks, were stored semi-finished products in the refrigerator compartment on the floor.

In October and November 2020, inspectors from Rospotrebnadzor visited several schools and at the base of the enterprise. Here they found pink salmon with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. In several schools, supervisors noted the low temperature of food served to children. Hot dishes (soups, sauces, drinks) during serving must have a temperature not lower than 75 ° С, second courses and side dishes – not lower than 65 ° С.

It immediately becomes clear why Girilyuk does not like journalists with their questions so much.

Olga Girilyuk – who is she? And how much does her firm (already former) earn

So who is Girilyuk? She started her business career in Tobolsk. In 2003, she opened an individual entrepreneur there and was engaged in the supply of catering products. In December 2005, she liquidated the individual entrepreneur. In 2014, she became the head of the Central Sports School in Tyumen.

Since 2019, the private company Juris Educational Law Center has been “terminating” contracts for food in schools. If earlier each institution independently placed a contract and held tenders, now schools are grouped, conclude contracts with a law firm, and the latter is already engaged in full support of public procurement. With this method of trading, KSHP Tsentralny received contracts for 3.5 billion rubles. For this money, they will feed the students from September 2020 to September 2022.

During the pandemic, the KSP has a new niche for earning money – the supply of food to mono hospitals. They have fed and fed patients and doctors, and they do it for more money than their competitors. True, for such supplies, contracts are concluded with them out of competition. The total amount of such agreements is over 43 million rubles.

For example, from May to the present, the plant feeds coronavirus patients undergoing treatment at the Hospital for War Veterans. One patient is fed for 408 rubles a day.

Competitors carry food for patients with coronavirus cheaper. For example, one of the companies provides food for one patient in a mono-hospital for 270 rubles.

According to the state information resource of financial statements, in 2019, the revenue of the KSHP amounted to 789.5 million rubles, and the net profit was only 4.6 million rubles.

In the telegram channels, Olga Girilyuk has already been credited with friendly relations with other high-ranking officials and even the ex-deputy governor of the region. The editors failed to confirm these connections. As for a possible friendly relationship with the head of Rospotrebnadzor, the editors of 72.RU sent an official request with a request to comment on the information. A response is expected.

A bunch of thanks and awards from the KSHP “Central”

The school food complex “Central” has many awards and gratitude. Among them is an award from the Governor of the Tyumen Region, which was presented in a solemn ceremony to Olga Girilyuk in 2019. She was awarded for services to the Tyumen region in the consumer market industry and many years of conscientious work.

Olga Girilyuk came to the presentation in a beautiful dress; she has a gorgeous ring on her finger, which is very similar to a piece from the Van Cleef & Arpels collection. The cost of the original ring of this company varies from 273 to 343 thousand rubles.

As for the outfit, the dress looks like a custom made Italian fabric.

“I allowed myself to humiliate”: employees – about working with Girilyuk

Residents of Tyumen, who crossed paths or are well acquainted with Olga Girilyuk, willingly talk about her and about her work in the KSP. Here are quotes from the townspeople who contacted our editorial office.

“I recently turned to the director of the school food factory to conduct an official check in relation to an employee of the KSHP, who is in direct contact with children and employees of service institutions, they sent me and even laughed at my appeal. Now I understand that nothing reasonable was to be expected there. The Chief Inspector was nevertheless brought to justice in the Kalininsky District Court under Article 6.1.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. “The beatings,” a reader wrote to our editorial office.

“At one time, she also tried to talk to me, she was very sorry that she did not write it down,” said a Tyumen social activist.

“I have known Girilyuk since 2015, for six years now. Fortunately, she worked for her for a short time. I could not tolerate the inadequacy of the leader. Then there were two KSPs – “Central” and “Kalininsky”. I can say one thing: I am very glad that the award has found its hero. This man allowed himself to humiliate and assert himself in his office, ”Tyumenka wrote to the editorial office.

“We need to draw conclusions from the situation”: what competitors say

Her colleagues, who are also involved in school meals, also spoke about the situation with the boorish behavior of the budget woman. The leaders of these companies consider the behavior of the former general director of Tsentralny to be unacceptable.

“I cannot give an objective assessment of their activities, only my own. When there are reviews from parents (both positive and negative), it is very difficult to judge, because they can also be biased. In each case, you need to understand separately what we are trying to do. I want to say that work must be treated responsibly. I always say that there is no need to categorize those for cooking, be it a child or an adult. I believe that you (meaning Maria Tokmakova. – Ed.) Did everything right, because the situation with school meals in the city was tense, “said Marina Syskova, head of the Magic of Taste.

As for the pricing policy, school lunches in Tyumen cost 80 rubles, and breakfasts – 60 rubles. In all institutions, their cost is the same. Pupils from the 1st to the 4th grade are fed for state money. Parents of middle and high school students pay for meals out of their own pocket, albeit with an additional payment of 12 rubles from the municipality.

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