The mayor’s office sold a scandalous wasteland, local residents asked to break a square there

In Novosibirsk, the scandalous vacant lot of Akademgorodok was sold on the site of the old market. According to the documents, the square on Demakova will be spread over the existing green zone, but local residents asked to expand it at the expense of an asphalt site, which was sold to a private company.

The mayor’s office of Novosibirsk sold the former market territory at the intersection of Arbuzova and Rossiyskaya streets in the “Sh” microdistrict – the deputy of the City Council Natalya Pinus reported this on her Facebook page. She also stated that the site was sold without bidding to the Gorodok company through the municipal structure.

“We have the Novosibirsk Investment Development Agency, this park was transferred to it, and then it has the full right to sell its property without tender procedures, which, as it turns out, it did,” said Natalya Pinus.

According to the deputy, the deal took place in December last year, and the new owner of the land was the Gorodok company. The company, said Natalya Pinus with reference to the head of the department of land and property relations of the Novosibirsk mayor’s office, Georgy Zhigulsky, has not yet paid for the plot, but the payment is “going according to plan.” The NGS correspondent sent a request to the mayor’s office with a request to clarify the date and amount of the transaction.

According to the extract from the USRN, the site does not really belong to the city anymore, and this is not the first time that the Gorodok company received the right to land. In May 2019, an easement was imposed on the site, which was registered to the company. In August 2020, the ownership of the land was transferred to NAIR JSC, and from January 19, 2021, it was registered to Gorodok.

According to the deputy, the right to land passed to a group of well-known businessmen in Akademgorodok: in their jurisdiction, in particular, the Gorodok shopping center on Morskoy Prospekt, the Zolotaya Roshcha chain, several cafes and other facilities. According to Kontur.Fokus, the Gorodok company belongs to Evgenia Salimova – she also owns the TC company (its director Arkady Klimkin also manages or owns a number of trading companies in Akademgorodok). Director of “Gorodok” Natalya Kovaleva declined to comment, suggesting “to look at information in official sources.”

Natalia Pinus stressed that she has no complaints about businessmen, but she has questions to the mayor’s office. Improvement of the park is planned in the neighborhood of the sold territory in 2022, but local residents were in favor of uniting the plots and increasing the area of ​​the future park.

– A lot of residents want the park to be large, 4.8 hectares, at the same time, the mayor’s office wanted to transfer half of the site to private ownership. We did everything we could to resist it that we just didn’t. At the last public hearings on the master plan, in particular, a lot of applications were also submitted for the land to be re-zoned into a recreational zone. We were told that let them stay in the public and business zone, this does not interfere with the construction of a public garden there – this was the official answer. And then today I find out that, it turns out, this square is now a private property, – says the deputy.

She noted that today there are grounds for challenging the transaction, and in the near future she plans to talk to the prosecutor’s office on this topic.

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