The mayor’s office told when they will begin to improve the square on Demakova

The mayor’s office of Novosibirsk plans to start work in the park on Demakova from June 1, 2021. According to the improvement plan, one of the entrance groups of the square should look like this

The mayor’s office of Novosibirsk plans to begin work on the improvement of a green zone with an area of ​​2.5 hectares on Demakova Street from June 1, 2021 — Deputy Mayor Anna Tereshkova told about this today, March 12, at a meeting of the City Council Commission. The square should be ready in September.

She recalled that in March last year, a design project for the improvement of the park was agreed and approved.

— On March 9, 2021, an agreement was signed between the Department of Culture, Sports and Youth Policy and JSC «NAIR», which includes an obligation to finance the improvement of a park on a 2.5 hectare site in 2021, «said Anna Tereshkova.

JSC «NAIR» previously sold a neighboring plot with an area of ​​2.3 hectares, which local residents also asked to include in the territory of the park. Anna Tereshkova stressed that the site had never belonged to the green zone, and only an area of ​​2.5 hectares was included in the federal program, according to which the design project of the park was developed.

— Let me remind you that the project for the improvement of the public garden on Demakova Street took ninth place during the voting. We understand that at the current rate of implementation of one green zone development project per year within the framework of the program, which will operate until 2024, we can equip only six territories, — the press center of the mayor’s office quotes the vice-mayor. — We understand that the implementation of such a project is possible for extra-budgetary funds. And therefore, the news was positive for us that the funds from the sale of the site adjacent to the park on Demakova Street will be allocated for its improvement.

The mayor of Novosibirsk also announced earlier that the proceeds from the sale of the site will be directed to the improvement of the park. According to the head of the Department of Land and Property Relations, full payment for the sold territory should take place by May 1, 2021.

Meanwhile, today it became known that the prosecutor’s office went to court with a claim to declare the transaction null and void, since the asphalted areas on the site, which were the subject of sale, cannot be considered real estate objects. One of the requirements of the lawsuit is to impose interim measures on the disputed land.

— The mayor’s office of the city of Novosibirsk had no reason to question the legality of cadastral registration of asphalt pads as capital construction objects, since the mayor’s office of the city of Novosibirsk received them in the status of real estate from the Russian Federation, the mayor’s office explained in response to a request from the NGS. — The right of municipal property arose not as a result of cadastral registration, but as a result of a transaction related to the transfer of federal property to municipal ownership. The cadastral registration of asphalt pads as an object of capital construction was carried out by the Russian Federation, the mayor’s office of the city of Novosibirsk did not take any action in this regard.

Deputy of the City Council Natalya Pinus, speaking at the meeting, noted that the sale of the site was not necessary for the improvement and it is still possible to raise funds for the square.

— In addition to the Comfortable Urban Environment program, these are sponsors’ funds — we attracted a lot of sponsorship money for the improvement of Akademgorodok. I first have three sponsors who are ready to invest, — said the deputy. — Fundraising programs also work for us — last year we raised a lot of money to improve the beach. We can handle it, you just give us the opportunity to build this square.

In December 2019, residents were presented with a concept for the improvement of a 2.5 hectare park, in March 2020, the final design project was approved. Meanwhile, the activists of the Sh microdistrict insist on the unification of plots and the improvement of all territories between Arbuzov, Rossiyskaya and Demakov streets.

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