The moment of the collision of a taxi and a red Peugeot

Under the heading “Where are you driving?” we again raise the issue of haste in the passage of intersections when changing traffic light phases. Some rush to the flashing green and try to complete their maneuver, others start abruptly and do not allow cars to clear the intersection.

Many do not know at all how the boundaries of the intersection are determined – and the moment of leaving the intersection of roads and, accordingly, the fault of this or that driver depends on this. We understand the problem by the example of a collision of a taxi with a Peugeot passenger car.

The intersection of Promyshlennaya and Industrialnaya streets in the Dzerzhinsky district, a car with a video recorder drives along Promyshlennaya. Cars from the opposite direction finish turning to the left, the phase of the traffic light changes, the red light comes on. Accordingly, green lights up for cars from Industrialnaya, and now the red Peugeot briskly drives to the intersection. But the taxi driver in the Nissan Almera is determined to complete his left turn – there is an accident, watch the video.

At first glance, it may seem that the Peugeot is clearly driving to green, and the taxi driver to red, which means that the latter is to blame.

– Such a moment, he makes a left turn along a beveled radius, that is, through the oncoming lane. If he drove a little forward and turned, then, perhaps, the accident did not happen, – says the director of the company “Avtoyurist” Denis Almazov.

Not everything is so simple – it is quite possible that the Nissan drove to the intersection on its own green one. And here it is necessary to clearly understand the boundaries of the intersection. Do you remember how they are defined?

Traffic rules of the Russian Federation, 1. General provisions. “Crossroads” – a place of intersection, adjoining or branching of roads at the same level, bounded by imaginary lines connecting, respectively, opposite, most distant from the center of the crossroads, the beginning of curvatures of carriageways. Exits from adjacent territories are not considered as intersections.

That is, we draw the boundaries from the points where the rounding begins. Now let’s look specifically at this ingenious intersection. On Yandex.Panoramas for 2020, you can see the configuration of the intersection from the place where the Nissan was: the right side is rounded off strongly, but the left is not. Consequently, the border for the taxi driver was sloping, and he could well go beyond it at his own permission signal of the traffic light.

Finally, the traffic police can establish the blame only after a complete study of the drawn up road accident scheme and video recordings that show the moment when the traffic light phase changes. And drivers should remember about the rules and the various definitions in them – do not rush to start abruptly, let the cars clear the intersection.

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