The mother of a beaten 8-year-old schoolboy voiced her version of what happened

The mother of an 8-year-old schoolboy announced today that her son was beaten during recess at the secondary school No. 1 and that he had a spinal injury.

Immediately after that, the prosecutor’s office, the UK, the police and the Ministry of Education of the region began their checks.

NGS journalist Maria Tishchenko found out from Natalia Korotayeva what, according to her version, happened to her son and why.

What happened at school

Natalya Korotaeva’s eight-year-old son Kirill is in the second grade of school No. 1. She told the NGS journalist that everything happened on Thursday, September 23, at 16:50.

— Cyril says that it all started in the office — they grabbed him by the arms. He went out into the corridor, they were constantly catching up with him. The video shows this. They started pinching me into a corner, punched me in the ass, kicked me. He jumped out of this corner, ran, they grabbed him by the arms and legs again and began to drag him into the office. He was not given. A girl came up and grabbed him by the hair, then they all dragged him into the office. At that moment I hit the sill, — Natalya describes what she saw in four videos that she received at school.

According to her, there were three direct participants in the fight who were beating, and the rest were just running around and helping to bring Kirill. They are not from his class, but older, notes Natalya.

But initially Natalia learned all this not from the child himself, but the next day, when the head teacher summoned her to school on another issue.

— Cyril came home after that and did not say anything to me. Only in the morning he said that his neck and head hurt. I left him at home: I was lying, watching cartoons. On that day, the head teacher summoned me to the school on another issue, and a classmate of Cyril said that he was carried in his arms. I asked, but he did not confirm anything. He is secretive with me: he will not tell about this. Then I went to school and took a video to watch from the penultimate lesson, — explains the boy’s mother.

Then Natalia described the situation to the therapist, who advised to take the child to the emergency room. They went to the Children’s City Clinical Emergency Hospital on Krasniy Prospekt. There she was diagnosed with a closed uncomplicated stable compression fracture of the D5 vertebral body. And they prescribed an MRI to clarify the diagnosis and further treatment tactics. Kirill can now only walk 15 minutes a day, according to Natalia, and the rest of the time he has to lie down.

«Parents write that children do not want to go to school»

After that, Natalya again tried to find out from her son about what had happened and the reasons.

— He replied that they always run like that, always catch up. The video shows that they are not only catching up with mine, they are beating me. More girl. They hit Cyril against the wall with their backs and against the pot. During these 20 minutes, three teachers passed and none of them responded, — says Natalya, explaining that she watched this moment on the video.

Natalya adds that in the WhatsApp chat, the school’s parents discuss such situations:

— In the chat, parents write that the children do not want to go to school. Yesterday I talked to my mother alone: ​​she says that her child has abrasions — apparently, they also dragged him. Mine also had abrasions, he said that the shirt had been pulled. And in the next class there was a concussion in a child. Constantly some such situations, I thought: «How good that this does not concern mine.» But then it touched.

Natalya Korotaeva says that in March 2021, Kirill also had another unpleasant situation at school: he received a concussion due to being pushed by a boy from the class. But then they did not get a call from PDN, as this time — after contacting the emergency room.

How different departments reacted today

The Ministry of Education of the Novosibirsk Region, the police, the Investigative Committee, and then the prosecutor’s office first announced the beginning of their inspections.

— The prosecutor’s office of the Novosibirsk region organized an inspection of compliance with the legislation on the protection of the rights of minors in connection with the incident in which the child was injured. According to media and social media reports, at school # 1, a high school student had a broken spine. At the same time, the teachers did not monitor the safety of the children. The prosecutor’s office will assess the legality of the provision of services by the educational organization, the observance of the rights of the child, the implementation of legislation on education and the prevention of juvenile delinquency, — said Dmitry Lyamkin, senior assistant to the regional prosecutor for interaction with the media.

As before, no one answered the said phone numbers of the school. In a group on the social network «VKontakte» called «The official page of MBOU Secondary School No. 1» the journalist was told that while the investigation was underway, there would be no comments.

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