The mother of six children in the Novosibirsk region was found dead – the family declared suicide

A mother with many children committed suicide in the Novosibirsk region. According to her sister, the woman committed suicide in her own home while her husband was at work.

On March 6, in her own house in the village of Gutovo, in the Toguchinsky district, 40-year-old Maria Orekhova, the mother of six children, was found dead. Investigators are conducting a pre-investigation check, and relatives declare Maria’s suicide.

An acquaintance of the deceased Maria, Svetlana, told the NGS that they were together in the Darudar community (a service through which strangers give each other their services and things for free). On March 7, they had a meeting scheduled, which Maria did not come to. Then Svetlana decided to call her, but her husband answered the phone, who told the tragic news of the suicide.

– Every two weeks we have meetings, we exchange unnecessary things. We were really looking forward to this meeting. We just started looking at her, because she disappeared from the site for several years and is now back. The woman seemed good, eager to help. She joked often. Once a hobby gardener needed charcoal, she was ready to bring it. She said about herself that she was a strong woman, – Svetlana recalls.

A funeral has been scheduled for today, March 9th. The younger sister of the deceased, Daria Soboleva, also told the NGS that she learned about Maria’s suicide from her husband. In a conversation with an NGS journalist, Daria said that Maria committed suicide while her husband was at work. Maria’s husband called Daria from his wife’s phone and told the tragic news. The last time Daria spoke with her sister was on March 4. They talked about the fact that Mary needs to pay for the mortgage.

– Since the end of February, she constantly made plans, wanted to make repairs. She didn’t tell me that she wanted to do something with herself. She had plans for life, not death, says Daria Soboleva.

Daria believes that Maria had a prolonged postpartum depression.

– After giving birth, my husband did not give the necessary support, attention and understanding. And there, perhaps, there were some other problems. But she didn’t like to complain. So that she doesn’t stutter about it so sharply, ”the woman says.

After the death of Maria Orekhova, six children remained: four children from her first marriage (the eldest is 22 years old) and two children from her second marriage, the youngest child is less than a year old.

Maria was born in Novosibirsk, graduated from the Medical University. About ten years ago, she moved to the Toguchinsky district, to the village of Gutovo, where, according to her sister, she got a job working in a medical unit in a prison. In the village of Gutovo, she met her second husband.

– She constantly said that it was necessary for one thing, then for another. She was very kind and helpful. I was always ready to help and give advice. On the one hand, it is positive. But she didn’t share her problems too much, – says Daria.

Judging by her social media, Maria traveled to Italy in 2019. She recently posted a video in which she shared life hacks for lipstick lasting.

The head of the Gutovsky village council of the Toguchinsky district of the NSO, Andrei Kolesnikov, confirmed the fact of the tragedy, but said that he did not know the cause of death. According to him, the family has not yet applied to the social protection department, but if something is needed, the family will be provided with assistance.

– I was informed on the morning of March 7. I immediately after that sent to clean the road to the cemetery, because there were storms, – said Andrei Kolesnikov.

The Investigative Committee for the NSO reported that a pre-investigation check is being carried out on the situation. At the time of preparation of the material, the husband of the deceased woman did not answer the call from the NGS correspondent.

On March 1, the bodies of 40-year-old Grigory Tsymbal and 37-year-old Alexandra Tabachikova were found in an apartment on Uchitelskaya. They lived in a civil marriage and raised Gregory’s two children from his first marriage. According to preliminary information, the man shot his lover in the head and committed suicide.

In October last year, 28-year-old Svetlana Aktanova and her three-month-old daughter were found dead in their own house in Barabinsk. Investigators found a suicide note in which the deceased asked for forgiveness from her older children and asked them not to leave the younger child.

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