The oldest city pharmacy was put on metal crutches

Structures on the building appeared from the side of a neighboring construction site. The oldest pharmacy in Novosibirsk next to a large-scale construction site was reinforced with “crutches”

In February, metal support structures appeared on the building of the oldest city pharmacy at Krasniy Prospekt, 15/1 from the side of the neighboring construction site .

The State Inspectorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites of the Novosibirsk Region explained that the temporary retaining elements were agreed at the end of March last year. But whether there is damage in the building or is it a preventive measure, the department did not specify.

“There is no threat of destruction of the cultural heritage site, systematic geotechnical monitoring of the state of the cultural heritage site is being conducted,” the inspectorate assured.

A 14-storey hotel with underground parking is being built next to the pharmacy on Chaplygin Street.

The building of the pharmacy was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the Art Nouveau style – at that time, probably, the entire historical part of the avenue, which was called Nikolaevsky in the 1900s, was built in it. It belonged to Nadezhda Buzolina and was a tenement house: the premises were rented by a shoe store of the famous Tomsk merchant Leonty Zhelyabo, the Altai flour miller trade syndicate and the Russian Bank for foreign trade.

And in 1913, by the decision of the City Duma, a “free”, later “people’s”, that is, a municipal pharmacy, was opened here. Today it is considered the oldest pharmacy in the city and one of the few that operates around the clock.

In 2017, the NHS published a photo report from the pharmacy.

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