The story of firefighters who went to look for a worker in a burning warehouse and could not return

Three firefighters went to the warehouse building engulfed in fire and acrid smoke. And did not return

– We ran out of air in cylinders

– So look for a way out. Search!

Despair is heard in the intercepted radio communications. Three firefighters perished in a terrible fire in Krasnoyarsk: flight commander senior warrant officer Alexei Puzyrev, senior warrant officer Anatoly Zhalnerchik and sergeant Maxim Ryabtsev. The death of firefighters is a rare phenomenon in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, one might say, out of the ordinary. The last such incident occurred in 2019, when ammunition exploded in a military unit in the Achinsk region – then one firefighter was killed.

The fire broke out on February 3 at a huge spare parts warehouse. The fire quickly engulfed the entire building – the area of ​​the fire rapidly grew from 800 square meters to almost 4 thousand squares. Five links of the gas and smoke protection service, three people each, went inside the room, filled with acrid smoke. Two hours after the start of the fire, it turned out that a 22-year-old storekeeper remained inside.

We met his wife at the site of the fire. The fragile young girl shook with sobs. Her name is Anna, she is also 22. They have a small child. The girl tries in vain to get through to her husband, the phone is not available, no one is allowed into the cordon.

– Her phone sat down, she tried to call her husband from mine, but the number was unavailable. And her husband’s partner told Anna that when everyone ran out of the building, they noticed that her husband was not with them. They began to call him at once. He replied that in the toilet, there is blackness around, nothing is visible, he cannot go out, – explained the eyewitness Elena.

The link of the senior warrant officer Puzyrev went in search of the guy. Later, his body can be found and removed from the burning warehouse. The bodies of the firemen will only be found by morning. There was not enough air in the cylinders. The men got lost in puffs of black smoke. They died doing their duty.

The Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Uss reported from the place of the fire that the fire extinguishing system worked normally, but the fire spread too quickly. Firefighters were sent to the very hell. Search for a person who at that time, most likely, was already dead.

Heroes. Who are they

Alexey Evgenievich Puzyrev, 45 years old. He served in the Emergencies Ministry for a quarter of a century. He is married with two children. We were able to contact Alexei’s eldest daughter, but she could not even speak – the family was heartbroken.

– Lech was an excellent man, he rest in peace, and Tolya and Max too, the heroes are not on the screen, but in life. The debt was paid at the cost of life. What is not at all clear, the insurance link should have followed them, – the friend of the deceased, Alexei, does not understand.

Anatoly Pavlovich Zhalnerchik, 46 years old, married, two children. Experience in the Ministry of Emergency Situations – 27 years. Commander of the fire and rescue unit. He took part in humanitarian and rescue operations, including in the North Caucasus.

– He has always been a hero, not only at work, but also with his family, friends, relatives. He always came to the rescue. He was cheerful, companionable, he still had to live and live, and I wonder why good people are like that … Bad people, apparently, do not need a devil or God, but he is needed by his children, his wife, mother. God, I do not believe that he was gone. He always said that I was his beloved daughter-in-law, and promised to break three button accordions at our wedding, – barely holding back tears, said Anatoly’s daughter-in-law Anna Kolyagina.

Maxim Mikhailovich Ryabtsev, the youngest member of the team – only 27 years old. Single. Work experience in the Ministry of Emergency Situations – six years.

– I remember him as such a cool kind boy, cheerful. He was different from everyone: all the boys are like boys, and he is somehow especially kind, good. And he knew how not to follow the crowd, he was sociable, but independent, – shared with us Maxim’s classmate Daria Yezhova.

Why did they die?

Until the official results of the investigation are announced, one can only speculate about what happened in the dark, tangled labyrinths of the warehouse. We turned to experienced employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in order to draw up a rough picture of the ongoing chaos. All the firefighters who agreed to talk to us have been working in the Emergencies Ministry for several years. They asked to remain anonymous.

Dmitry, worked for six years in the fire department, went from a firefighter to the chief of the guard:

– I have three questions about this story. First: did they have a guide cable that they cling to themselves in order to return along it back? In a complex layout, it allows you to find a way out. If not, why not?

Second question. Each link must have a security post. These are employees who count down the time from the moment the link entered the building. There are special formulas by which it is calculated how long a link can be in smoke in order to have time to leave before the air runs out. And at a certain moment they had to be told that it was time to leave. It is also not clear whether this was done.

Third question. On the equipment with oxygen itself, a sound signal is triggered, according to which the firefighter understands that there is only air left to get out. Could the experienced guys not have heard this signal?

Evgeny, works in one of the special departments of the Federal Fire Service in the Krasnoyarsk Territory:

– The records show one balloon, one! There are not even two of them. Defense time is 60 minutes ideally. Ideally, this is when you put on a mask, sit on a chair and sit, breathe evenly and measuredly. And in difficult conditions, when you have to walk, work, rake, crawl, the protection time is 40–45 minutes. At the same time, according to all the rules, on the way back it is necessary to leave twice as much air as was spent. The sentry had to calculate the time and tell the link. That is, with a protective action time of 45 minutes, we went inside, walked there for 15 minutes, and that’s it, you have another 30 minutes to get out. What can be done there in 15 minutes?

Now let’s remember that tons of plastic bumpers, all sorts of oils and lubricants are stored in this warehouse. There is poisonous smoke: two breaths – and a corpse. Why did they send them there at all, because it is obvious that the storekeeper, whom they went to look for, has long been dead.

Someone talks about new technologies, about GPS and so on. And I will answer – what kind of GPS and new technologies, if we paint and fix cars at our own expense, if we have to refuel the printer at our own expense in order to print the outline, repair something at our own expense and a lot more at the expense of the fireman …

Nadezhda, has been serving in the Emergencies Ministry since 2008:

– My opinion is that they were sent there for nothing. Auto parts burn with highly toxic fumes. Five breaths are enough to stay there forever. If the person who works there knows the layout, all the entrances and exits, and could not get out, then it was unrealistic to find and save him in a fire. In the country in recent years, it is not uncommon for firefighters to die in whole units. I believe that this is a consequence of the policy of the leadership of the Ministry of Emergencies. This is saving on everything. There is no equipment, no exercises are carried out at the facilities so as not to waste money.

The NGS24.RU editors addressed these issues to the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations. We were informed that the guide wire was not used. And why the fire brigade was sent to a building full of toxic smoke, where no one could survive, the department could not yet answer, citing investigative actions.

According to TASS, the fire was caused by the emergency operation of the power grid. The regional Ministry of Emergency Situations did not officially comment on this.

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