The teacher filed a lawsuit against the Novosibirsk College

In Novosibirsk, a teacher went to court because of his dismissal after a post about a rally. Alexei Alekseev, a former teacher at the Novosibirsk Industrial and Energy College, was sued for being fired — the man considers him unfair.

According to one version, Alexei was fired because of a post on the VKontakte social network — he was considered a call for a protest action that took place on 23 January. In the college itself, they assure that the man had problems with fulfilling his duties. And the post about the rally in the educational institution is considered agitation and the reason for the detention of one of the college students at the rally, but the dismissal is not associated with him.

On Friday, March 5, Aleksey Alekseev appealed to the Leninsky District Court (a copy of the document is at the disposal of the editors) with a claim for reinstatement at work. According to the man, he was fired illegally and for formal reasons, and he considers the post on the social network a convenient pretext.

— According to the law, I had a month from the date of dismissal to go to court. I was fired on February 9, and I rather gave time to the employer and the Ministry of Education, hinted to them to conduct an inspection, correct any violations, if any, or I would have to go to court. Four times he offered to dismiss me of his own free will or by agreement of the parties, but they did not agree, they refused everything, and I went to court. I was still waiting for the prosecutor’s office to familiarize themselves with the results of the check, but they told me that there was, in general, nothing to acquaint with, ”Aleksey Alekseev told the NGS correspondent.

And about. Yulia Tarasova, director of the Novosibirsk Industrial and Energy College, told the NGS that the teacher’s dismissal was not related to the January 23 rally. She explained that  the man had five disciplinary measures during the year according to his job descriptions.

— He also insulted teachers in the chat, his behavior was examined by the ethics commission. He admitted that he behaved rudely, — said Tarasova.

And about. The director also noted that the man did not fill out the journals, while this should be done after each lesson, and did not fulfill his official duties in full.

Alexey himself is sure that he was fired unfairly, and the real reasons lie not at all in violation of discipline.

— There are also more egregious cases of violations. And I was introduced to all the disciplinary sanctions listed by the management back in May last year. I think that this is more nitpicking, and everything is connected with the fact that I am very shrewd and principled — I asked uncomfortable questions about the salaries of teachers and management, pointed out violations in the educational process, suggested specific measures, for example, to create a commission on energy safety, but it seems , the leadership did not like my initiative. They are interested in how everything is in terms of reporting, but how it really is — not particularly interesting. Apparently, it became inconvenient for the management and decided to remove it in this way.

In 2019, a school teacher of Russian language and literature was fired in Barnaul — the management considered her photos on the VKontakte page too frank. They show a 38-year-old teacher posing in a swimsuit and a short dress against the background of an ice hole — a woman is engaged in winter swimming. She shared her story with the NHS.

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