They want to build a school near Siberia-Hokkaido in Novosibirsk with private money

Novosibirsk sent an application for the construction of 6 schools for private funds

Today, March 19, it became known that Novosibirsk sent six applications for the construction of schools in the city for frequent money. One of them is planned to be built near the Siberia-Hokkaido center.

– At the end of February, changes were made to the federal program for the development of education. The bottom line is that there is an opportunity to attract private investment for the construction of new schools. Last week, the governor of the NSO outlined the position that within two years it is planned to attract private investors and thereby double the volume of construction of new schools. We made proposals from Novosibirsk, these are six sites, – said the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot during a press conference.

According to the mayor, the plots are located in the residential complex “Divnogorskiy”, the microdistrict “Chistaya Sloboda”, on Plyushchinsky and Yuzhno-Chemsky residential areas, as well as on Vybornaya and Shevchenko streets.

– I was talking about six new schools, one of the sites that we proposed, just near the center “Siberia-Hokkaido”. There are agreements that part of the territory will be set aside for a green zone, the mayor added.

The construction of these buildings will create 5,700 new training places. At the second stage of the program, it is planned to create 14 more facilities.

In November last year, the Novosibirsk mayor’s office exchanged land in a quiet center for 300 million rubles for a part of the park next to Siberia-Hokkaido.

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