This is how the cars stopped after the collision

A resident of Novosibirsk, Vladimir Beloshapkin, has been trying for several months to prove that he is not to blame for an accident at an insidious intersection, where the main road sharply changes direction. His car, he believes, was deliberately hit by a powerful Honda.

In addition, the man is sure that he is not the only victim of a set-up at this intersection, accidents here occur regularly according to a similar scenario. The auto editor of the NGS Dmitry Kosenko understood the details.

In our column “The stupidest crossroads” we have already written about the intersection of Tolstoy and Sacco and Vanzetti streets in the Oktyabrsky district. The section from Kirov Street to the Oasis Residential Complex passes through the private sector, there are several intersections with small streets: Moskovskaya, Leningradskaya, Tolstoy, Chekhov, etc. In fact, Sacco and Vanzetti is a larger street, at all intersections it is the main one. And only at the intersection with Tolstoy, the main road sharply changes direction – if you go from Kirov, the main road goes to the right to Tolstoy.

61-year-old resident of Novosibirsk Vladimir Beloshapkin became one of the victims of the insidious scheme of the movement. He thinks he was caught in an auto-fighter. On January 25, a man in his Toyota Venza was driving along Sacco and Vanzetti towards Kirov, did not give way to a 3-liter Honda Inspire and got into an accident.

– On the left, this car was far away, moving slowly. I drove out to an intersection, heard the sound of a motor, turned around – they were flying sideways. They drove into my rear wheel, already in the oncoming lane. They moved straight ahead and, as it were, even turned to the left to catch up with me, to make a major punch. A witness came up, a man went to work, he said they were moving slowly, as soon as you drove out to the intersection, they suddenly gave in to the gas, caught up and hit in the side, – says the motorist.

Officially: as the head of the propaganda department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate in the Novosibirsk region Sergey Stradymov said, on January 25, 2021 at 14.30 there was a collision of cars with material damage at the address: st. Tolstoy, 76. No one was injured.

The testimony of a casual witness is contained in the copies of the minutes, which are at the disposal of the editorial office of the NGS. Nevertheless, Vladimir Beloshapkin was found guilty of an accident, respectively, his insurance company “Alfastrakhovanie” must compensate for the damage to the second participant in the accident. When analyzing the traffic police, the road accident scheme was taken into account, where the impact point is on the straight lane of the Honda, while Vladimir insisted on the scheme where the impact point is the oncoming lane for Honda.

As follows from the protocols, a certain Vadim B., born in 1996, was driving a light Honda Inspire with license plate Н430ВН 154. In his explanations it is stated that he “was moving along Tolstoy Street in his own lane at a speed of 40 km / h.” On the phone, indicated as the contact number of Vadim B., a man answered, saying that he was not Vadim at all: “I will tell you, tell me. I’ll give it to him. As soon as possible”. It was not possible to contact a person with such data and this age on social networks.

Vladimir Beloshapkin is sure that he is not the only victim of a set-up at this intersection, the motorist met other people who got into an accident here in a similar scenario.

– At this intersection, cars are beaten, they get insurance. They buy cars that are cheap and old, but expensive to repair. To get the maximum insurance coverage. The woman doctor was smashed. And when I was smashed, a man came up and said that my father’s car had been smashed. Everyone is talking about it. I went to “Alfastrakhovanie”, the employees told me that only the lazy one doesn’t make money on it now. They say that we can do – we can not do anything. The victims are afraid, they are intimidated on the spot, says the man.

Galina Lopukh in a KIA Soul also got into an accident at this intersection, she was driving along Sacco and Vanzetti towards Kirov, a Honda also crashed into her.

– I had to give in to them on the obstacle on the right, I looked, they seem to be far away. They were approaching from the right side. There are several groups working there. It is clear that they herded me, it is clear that they gasped. Everyone understands everything, – says Galina.

The company “Alfastrakhovanie”, which ultimately bears the cost of compensation for damage in this accident, at the time of publication was unable to comment on the situation with the circumstances of the accident. The request was sent to the company on Monday, March 22nd.

Now Vladimir is thinking about initiating a lawsuit, proving that he is not guilty of an accident, and seeking compensation for the damage to his Toyota Venza. He intends to rely on clause 10.1 of the SDA, which says that “if there is a danger to traffic that the driver is able to detect, he must take possible measures to reduce the speed, up to a stop of the vehicle.” This is exactly what, according to Vladimir Beloshapkin, the driver of the Honda should have done.

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