Three Novosibirsk businesses entered the top 200 richest companies in Russia

S7’s revenue fell by almost 70 billion. Forbes magazine has published an annual rating of the 200 largest private companies in Russia, which includes three businesses from Novosibirsk.

Above all, in 35th place, with a revenue for 2020 of 269.2 billion rubles was the Katren company, which opened its first warehouse in the Novosibirsk region back in 1994. Now the Katren group includes pharmaceutical distributors from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, as well as the Melodiya Zdorovya pharmacy chain and the Apteka.ru service. The headquarters is registered in Khimki.

In 101st place with revenue of 114.2 billion rubles was “Siberian Anthracite”, whose headquarters is registered in Moscow. Last year (since then, revenues fell by 11.3 billion), the company was ranked 89th in the ranking.

S7 Airlines was in 119th place with revenue of 97.5 billion. Last year it was in 57th position with revenue of 167.3 billion rubles.

– In August 2020, S7 Airlines retained its market leadership achieved during the pandemic. In total, in August, the airline, according to its own data, carried 1.6 million passengers, while the passenger traffic on domestic flights amounted to 1.5 million people, 12.9% more than a year earlier. In monthly terms, the total passenger traffic increased by 19.2%, according to the rating.

The first position in the list of the largest private companies is occupied by Lukoil (revenue of 5639 billion), the second – by X5 Group (1978 billion), the third line is occupied by Magnit, whose revenue in 2020 is estimated at 1,553.8 billion rubles.

In July, the deputy of the Novosibirsk Legislative Assembly, Pavel Kiva, was included in the hundred richest civil servants and deputies of Russia.

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