Twins from Novosibirsk talked about filming in the show «Let’s Get Married!»

Novosibirsk twin sisters Alina and Regina, who participated in the show «Let’s get married!» on Channel One, they told why they decided to go there and how the shooting went. The episode with the Siberian girls went on the air yesterday, March 12. Initially, the girls were told that there would only be twins in the episode.

— Back in January, Channel One wrote to us on Instagram — they invited us to come. Then they called us and set the shooting for March 7, just at that time we were going to Moscow, so everything turned out well. We were promised that the issue would be about the twins, but already there, in the dressing room, Alina and I realized that we were being put on our ears a little, » Regina admitted in the story.

There were no other twins in the issue — the rest of the potential brides came with their girlfriends, and two brothers with a small age difference acted as grooms. However, the sisters were not embarrassed, they decided that they would be in an advantageous position. According to them, the entire film crew paid attention to the girls and took pictures with them.

— There is no preparation, while you are making up, the editor runs up to you, in between times he says what questions the presenters can ask, how to behave. You sit with one ear and listen — they say: “Oh, you will orient yourself on the spot!” — Regina said.

There was one run before the shoot. The film crew was not aware of what surprises the participants had in store. The host of the show Larisa Guzeeva, in turn, got acquainted with the information about the participants a few minutes before the start of filming.

— They just show the points where you need to stand so that you do not stand with your back to the camera. Then the shooting begins. Before the transfer in fact, you only get to know the participants, because you are gathered in the same dressing room. You will find out the rest during the filming, added Regina.

As a surprise on the show, the twins presented a dance with a man disguised as a bear. But, as it turned out, the participants did not prepare the surprises themselves. The editors explained to the girls that their options were not a broadcast format.

— The bear was offered to us ourselves. Well, as suggested — they just said, they say, you will do so. The only thing, we immediately said that we do not dance. Regina and I are not dancers at all. But we were told to dance. We went out in boats, on high heels. They said that you need to make some noise, stomp, jump. I thought how not to spread out on the stage when I jump and stomp, — Alina joked.

The program was filmed non-stop. In total, it took an hour and a half to shoot the episode. If someone did something wrong, there was no opportunity to reshoot, the twin sisters explained. This format caused excitement among the girls — it was difficult for them to remain natural with the crowd of the film crew. The only advice from the editor helped:

— Well done editor, gave good advice. She said: “Do not be silent only when you talk to the presenters. Otherwise, they will pull the blanket over themselves and start planting you. » Therefore, we were as talkative as possible. Alina and I are chatterboxes, so I think we coped with it, — summed up Regina.

In the bride’s room, the girls did not hear information about the groom because of the bad sound from the speakers:

— We have not heard how old they are. Didn’t hear their names, what they do, who they are in general. The editor approaches: «The camera is writing, discuss.» How to discuss, we do not understand at all what to discuss, what to talk about. We don’t hear anything at all.

Because of this, half of the filming the girls were sure that the brothers were twins until they asked the editor. In addition, in the discussion, the girls confused their names. The girls were already in the know about the second half of the program, but the final episode still included a part with delusions.

At the end of filming, at the time of choosing a room with the bride they liked, the guys went to the twins. It turned out that they were wrong. Then the suitors went into the room with another girl.

The twins from Novosibirsk admitted: they did not regret a bit that they were not chosen by the suitors. The guys weren’t their type at all.

— We did not go to this program to find ourselves suitors. Many people write, they say, it’s a pity that you were not chosen. And thank God! We sat and prayed in this room with Alina: at least not us. This is not our format at all, past the box office. It’s just our life experience in a piggy bank, when you want to go through it from the inside. That was interesting, — Regina shared.

The sisters clarified that after the program they did not meet with the groom brothers.

In February, the program «Let’s Get Married!» with a 67-year-old bottle artist from Novosibirsk. He managed to subdue the bride.

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