Uniformed blonde charmed everyone at the beauty pageant

The bright blonde in a seductive red dress attracted the audience most of all at the local final of the Miss Fashion 2021 contest. Alexandra Cheremisina, as it turned out later, serves in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and goes to work in uniform every day.

At the same time, she actively maintains social networks, loves motorcycles and expensive cars. The Siberian woman told the NHS about her work, personal life and the restrictions imposed on her by an important service.

Work in law enforcement agencies in the blood of a Siberian woman – the whole family serves in the police. The girl says that the requirements for admission to the service are quite tough: you need to have excellent health, a high level of physical fitness and successfully pass psychological testing.

Alexandra started as an investigator. The bright blonde stands out among her colleagues. It would seem that with such an appearance she can conquer the podium, but a resident of Novosibirsk chose a different path. The Siberian woman recalls her first day as an investigator as very difficult. She now works in the information center. Sasha has been working in organs for about five years and wears uniforms with pleasure, considers her a model of style and responsibility.

“Men are a little afraid of me when I’m in shape, but they still react positively,” says Alexandra Cheremisina.

– My work is difficult and responsible, because first of all it is the observance of all norms, rules and laws. Everything is not easy in our life, you need to work everywhere. You will not be able to relax, you should always be in good shape, protect the rights of the population, always respond quickly and clearly to the tasks set. This is the most difficult thing, since we have no right to make a mistake, – says Alexandra.

Sasha admits that sometimes she has periods of emotional burnout, but immediately says that she knew where she was going, so she does not allow herself to unstuck.

During her 28 years, Sasha managed to go through an unusual career path – before joining the service, she worked as a deputy head of the bank.

“If I didn’t work in the organs, I would be a TV presenter or an actress, I would sing or dance, give concerts or, as it is fashionable now, become a blogger,” Aleksandra smiles. – As for social networks, employees cannot conduct social networks in a uniform, they cannot upload photos in a uniform. And personal life is personal for that, in order to determine for yourself what can be shown to people and what not. I have excellent leadership, which supports me in everything, since I do my job perfectly, so they do not encroach on my personal time, although I practically do not have it, but sometimes I still manage to escape a little.

The girl decided to try her hand at the Miss Fashion 2021 competition – the regional final of the international competition took place in our city at the end of February, Alexandra was among the winners and received the Miss Fashion Siberia 2021 Grand Prix title in the audience vote. In November, she will travel to Moscow for the next stage of the competition, where she will already compete with participants from different countries.

– Why I went there – I myself do not know. I just saw an advertisement for the competition and went to the casting, and passed it successfully. In the process, everything spun and spun, I wanted to win. All the participants were worthy of the title and to become representatives at the international competition, so I had to compete for this title. The finale was exciting, to be honest: I did not sleep for a day, I got up at 6 in the morning, then the rehearsal and until the evening on my feet, on high heels, – says Alexandra. – To go to Moscow and represent Novosibirsk is great, considering also the fact that I am an employee of the authorities, it’s just great.

She says little about the personal life of Alexander Cheremisin, she only mentioned that she is not married and has no children, she joked that as soon as she found out how she was married, she would definitely tell. In her free time, she is engaged in swimming or reading books, loves to dance – before, Alexandra was engaged in Latin American and ballroom dancing, and the skill has remained to this day. Today she prefers wrestling and loves motorcycles.

– I have had a love for motorcycles for a long time. Now I have become quieter – I prefer a “bike” of three wheels. A girl on a motorcycle means a complete absence of fear, self-confidence, trust in herself and the Universe, – explains her hobby of the Siberian woman.

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