Vouchers to kindergartens began to be issued in Novosibirsk

Kindergarten vouchers have begun to be issued in Novosibirsk. There are now more than 36 thousand children in the queue for a place in kindergarten . In Novosibirsk, vouchers to kindergartens have begun to be issued — this year, kindergartens will accept 23 thousand new pupils.

— From March 15, we began to actively issue vouchers. They are issued territorially in all districts of the city, in all districts, in district education departments, — said Ramil Akhmetgareev, head of the education department of the Novosibirsk mayor’s office.

According to him, this year 19 thousand children will graduate from kindergartens, and they plan to recruit 4 thousand more. In total, there are 36 thousand children in the queue for a voucher to a kindergarten, aged from birth to 7 years.

Ramil Akhmetgareev stressed that the number of places has increased due to the construction of new kindergartens.

— At the end of the year, we completed the construction of 10 new gardens, which are being completed during this period. These are exactly the same additional places that have appeared in Novosibirsk. We are also building 2 objects for 530 places, — explained the head of the Department of Education.

According to him, this year, in order not to create queues, they began to use electronic vouchers more often: the voucher is sent to kindergarten, and parents are informed when the voucher is already in place. It will be possible to send a child to kindergarten from June 1.

— From June 1, kindergartens will work, the only exception will be those preschool institutions in which the repair of life-supporting components will be carried out: catering units, heating systems, etc., — said the head of the department. All information about the work of the garden should be on the website of the organization.

The trend of 2021 in Novosibirsk was called the growth in demand for the exchange of vouchers within the city.

“For over 2 months since the beginning of the new year, there have been 532 translations,” noted Ramil Akhmetgareev.

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