What can be bought in the south at the cost of a 1-room apartment in Novosibirsk

Moving to the sea is perhaps the most popular dream in Russia. It sounds more cheerful, perhaps, only to move to the sea with a large suitcase of money in order to get comfortable.

Recently we wrote about our fellow countrymen, who abandoned everything here and went to the Russians of the south – they told how much to save up and what disadvantages are not visible at first glance. If you start thinking seriously about life, for example, in Sochi, it quickly becomes clear that the main issue in any move is financial. The NGS learned that it is possible to buy by the sea at the price of a budget, average and expensive apartment in Novosibirsk. See what you have enough for.

According to Zhilfond, the average cost of one square meter of housing in Novosibirsk on the secondary market is 79 thousand rubles (against 71 thousand rubles a year ago). Of course, not like a pandemic in Sochi, but even here apartments have risen in price by 25% over the year. Whether a housing crisis awaits us – the experts told the NGS. For example, an average apartment costs Siberians 4,375,550 rubles.

For comparison, we will take the city of Sochi and its remote areas. It is he who is most often considered by residents of northern megacities for life. The average price per square meter there is noticeably higher than in Siberia – 185 thousand rubles. According to the Domofond.ru portal for March 2021, the average price of an apartment in the secondary market in Sochi is 7,300,246 rubles.

What can you buy by the sea for the price of a modest one-room apartment in Novosibirsk – it turned out that there are still some options. We compared prices for different categories of apartments – from the most budgetary to the most expensive. There are many fake ads on the Sochi real estate market, we tried to select the most realistic options.

From 800,000 to 1.5 million rubles

Let’s start with the most affordable housing in Novosibirsk, for example, you have a studio on Bolshevistskaya, 34. 11 meters cost 800,000 rubles. The apartment is already renovated and has a separate bathroom.

Such a cheap apartment in Sochi was not found, the closest thing to this price is a studio of 12 square meters in the Khosta microdistrict, on Vidny Ruchey Street. Such a baby costs 1,050,000 rubles. It is located on the second floor of a three-story monolithic building. The ad says that the apartment has been redecorated.

We increase the price – on the left, in the photo below, a view from the studio (15.5 meters) in a new house in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi for 1.5 million rubles. The apartment is sold without renovation, but the beaches (as emphasized in the ad, the cleanest) are within walking distance.

You can become the owner of this view from the window, for example, by selling a 1-room apartment in Novosibirsk on Berezovaya Street for 1.5 million rubles. This is a 20-square-meter studio with a fresh renovation in a loft style in a new neighborhood. The price includes furniture and appliances.

From 2 to 2.5 million rubles

Raising the stakes – the former 23-square-meter room in the Yuzhnaya noch boarding house turns into a cozy studio again in the Lazarevsky district for 2,390,000 rubles. The house was built in 2009 and until now has been operated as a boarding house. In connection with the reorganization, it was decided to sell it apartment by apartment. From the pros – a view of the mountains and 100 meters from the sea.

Only 300 thousand cheaper in Novosibirsk, on the sonorous Romantics street, a studio (24 squares) is for sale in a new brick house with a designer renovation and two windows. In it, in contrast to the apartment on the seas, a good repair has been made.

A little more money (2,500,000) – and you are the owner of an open-plan apartment of 16 m² in the Adler district of the city of Sochi. There is already a closed adjoining territory, a swimming pool, a playground and a recreation area. They promise gas, sewerage and central water supply. The main bonus is 900 meters from the sea.

For the same amount in Novosibirsk, you can call into a large studio (39 meters) on Viktor Shevelyov Street, it has a kitchen and living room area and a 5-minute walk to a public transport stop.

The photo shows that the open-plan apartment looks a little like a hostel, but if you remove the beds, it will come out very even. Objects at a similar cost in Novosibirsk benefit in terms of area and content.

From 3 to 4.5 million rubles

We are getting closer to the center of Sochi, where for a budget of 3,000,000 rubles, we can consider, for example, this room of 16 squares with amenities. But the place is gorgeous – 7 minutes to the station.

There is almost nothing for this money in the center of Novosibirsk. But if you add 400 thousand rubles, you can already buy an apartment on Yadrintsevskaya Street immediately with repair and an area of ​​25 meters.

We propose to absolutely boo and think about 2-room apartments. For example, on Krasny Prospekt, 218 in Novosibirsk, an apartment in the old fund of 60 square meters for 4,100,000 rubles is waiting for its owner.

“The house itself will stand for another 200 years, do not hesitate, because it is regularly renovated – last year they replaced plumbing communications, now they are blocking the roof,” they write in the announcement of the sale of an apartment on Krasniy Prospekt on website No. 1.

I must say that there are only 25 options for 2-room apartments in Sochi at a price of about 4 million on the Cyan resource. For example, one of them is on Timiryazev Street. It costs, however, already 4,250,000 rubles, but what cannot be done for the sake of a dream.

In Sochi, you can buy only 40 squares for this money, although you can see a piece of the sea from the windows.

“A stunning view – in the afternoon at the sea, in the evening at night in Sochi,” the owner describes the advantages of his apartment. The residential complex is located 7 minutes from the center, although the apartment is small, it is two-level with high ceilings.

5.7 to 10.2 million

Moving on to more expensive housing. If you raise the check even further – for 5,700,000 rubles you can choose a small “three ruble note” (45.5 square meters) on Vysokogornaya Street in the city of Sochi. The apartment is located on the 4th floor and has “excellent views”. There is even a small French balcony. The owner assures that it is possible to make a second floor in it and actually get an apartment of 90 square meters.

For this money, almost in the center of Novosibirsk, you can buy a small (62 square) “three rubles” in the old fund. Just 2 minutes walk to the entrance to the Gagarinskaya metro station, for 6 million rubles you will get a good repair and a well-groomed courtyard.

Let’s imagine that we had enough for an impressive area – 85 m², then we choose a 4-room apartment for 10.5 million in the Khostinsky district of Sochi. It already offers a great view of the mountains.

“The apartment is two-level, with a view of the mountains and a sports ground (zones of children’s slides, a stadium and fitness equipment). Nearby there is a public transport stop, shops, two kindergartens, Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 22, circus, Winter Theater, Frunze Park, Black Sea Embankment. Good renovation done in light colors. Low utility bills, as an individual gas boiler is installed. No parking problem. On the ground floor there is a spacious kitchen-living room, a separate bathroom with a shower, a storage room. On the second floor there are three isolated rooms, a bathroom. 15 minutes walk to the sea and the central promenade, ”writes the owner of the property in the south in the ad.

For 10.2 million rubles, you can find an apartment with a good view in Novosibirsk. For example, to Zaeltsovsky Park. 126 squares in the residential complex “Sosny”, of course, are not located on the sea, but in them, and if you get tired of it, you can ride a bike in the park near the house.

What the experts think

– Since last spring, real estate prices in Sochi have grown dramatically. Growth from 40-50% for less liquid real estate to 100-120% for complexes under construction, – says the expert of the real estate market in Sochi Evgenia Shemyakina.

Evgenia warns that unpleasant surprises are everywhere on the Sochi real estate market, for example, Internet sites with fakes and problems with communications and documents.

– You can buy an apartment, and then find out that an insufficient amount of electricity and water capacity has been brought into the house for the built number of apartments. Because initially a 2–3-storey private house for one family was to be built on this land plot, and a 5–8-storey house for 50–80 families was built, engineering networks are not designed for such an amount of consumption, the expert shares.

Evgenia says that often there are houses where the owners do not own an apartment, but a share in the house, here you also need to carefully study the documents and understand what awaits you in the future as the owner of this type of real estate. That is why not all banks are ready to lend to real estate in Sochi, of course, if it is not an “apartment” status with the full amount in the contract, but such an apartment there is “worth its weight in gold”.

The head of the sales department of the Leto real estate agency, Alena Timoshchenko, refutes the popular myth among tourists that some of the houses in Sochi can be demolished completely unexpectedly for the newly-minted owners.

– Demolition is unlikely. The cleansing of the city has already been carried out. But there may be difficulties with communications, for example, the water pressure will be weak, the lack of electricity, and the like. As a rule, such apartments do not comply with fire safety standards, and this is a risk, – the expert tells about problem objects. Alena emphasizes that they prefer not to work with such real estate.

Oleg Zhuravlev, founder of the Flat Sochi real estate agency, explains that it is not so easy to find an apartment in Sochi without problems with documents.

– Due to the fact that here many apartments and residential complexes have problems with foundation documents, namely, regarding the commissioning of these apartments, the types of apartments are distinguished: built according to the federal law 214 “On participation in the shared construction of apartment buildings” exploitation and unauthorized construction of apartment buildings, legalized through a trial, – he said in an interview with an NGS correspondent.

According to the expert’s observations, a square in apartments that are built according to FZ-214 costs an average of 250 thousand rubles in the market, regardless of the area. For example, 30 square meters will cost about 7 million rubles. He adds that there are similar apartments at a lower price, but you need to look at the risk factors that may cause problems in the future.

When asked about the dynamics of prices, Oleg Zhuravlev cites the example of the residential complex “Fruits” – a studio of 31 square meters in November last year cost 5.5 million rubles, in March a similar apartment was bought for 11 million.

We asked the expert to highlight non-obvious problems that people moving to Sochi may face.

– First of all, the relief of the city does not meet expectations, 90 percent of the buildings are on mountainous terrain. There is a lot of unauthorized construction, illegal construction. Also, many problems can arise for apartments where there is no management company, such houses are self-governing, the personal accounts of these apartments are not divided, that is, one common account for an entire apartment building, he concludes.

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