What kind of plastic surgery do men do

Plastic surgery of the face and body in men today has become commonplace. There is nothing shameful and terrible in the fact that men, like women, are preoccupied with their appearance and structure and go to consult with plastic surgeons.

It’s just that they are not yet accustomed to talking about it – you never know, they will suddenly think differently. Years go by, wrinkles treacherously gather around the eyes, and the damned belly does not want to go away – you can fix anything you want, including the most intimate places.

We found out from doctors about procedures that are popular among men and asked them to tell about them in more detail (we even found out what you are embarrassed to ask yourself).

Facial plastic

There are exactly the same number of options for face plastic surgery in men as in women: to fix, tighten, cut off excess – there is no difference, everyone wants to look good. Tatiana Romanovskaya, candidate of medical sciences and plastic surgeon at the UMG clinic, referred to blepharoplasty as the most popular procedure among men – this is an operation that helps to eliminate age-related changes on the eyelids (excess skin, wrinkles, bags under the eyes) and achieve a rejuvenating effect.

Such an operation involves the excision of excess skin and fatty formations. In addition, plastic eyebrows, ears, neck and nose are in demand.

Less popular is facelift – a technique of face plasty, which creates a new contour and a youthful oval of the face due to the removal of excess skin, redistribution of fat deposits and fixation of muscles and the musculo-aponeurotic layer. Slowly but surely, men allowed such an opportunity in the desire to look younger and more beautiful.

This is how the face looks after the facelift procedure – before and after photos: the oval of the face has noticeably tightened, the man began to look younger.

– In men, the structure of the skin is coarser, fibrous, with hair follicles, bleeding is increased, since the tissues are better supplied with blood, which is why male facial surgeries last an hour longer than women. But, despite this, men rehabilitate faster after the procedure, says Tatyana Romanovskaya and recommends that men show moderation and not go into overcorrection, so that effeminate facial features do not appear.

How long the effect will last depends on the individual characteristics of the patient – genetics and tissue structure: if the tissue is heavy, the result will be less effective. In addition, fluctuations in weight and a man’s lifestyle are affected. The effect of blepharoplasty usually lasts from 5 to 10 years, facelift – from 5 to 15 years.

Anatoly, 54, businessman

– My friend did a circular blepharoplasty of the eyelids and began to look much younger than his age, which prompted me to think that there is nothing terrible and shameful in such an operation. Not only women want to look better, we are not getting younger, and I also made up my mind, went to the same doctor as my friend. He underwent the necessary tests and was at the clinic on the due day. Not painful, not scary, you can survive the edema. The cost of the procedure is 100 thousand rubles. The result pleased me and was not long in coming – visually I threw off 10 years for sure, and a month after the operation I met a woman who is 17 years younger than me, we started a romantic relationship.

Body plastic

Plastic surgeon Rustam Kurmanbaev, among the most popular body surgeries among men, highlights the one that corrects the waist area – the abdomen in the front, sides, and lower back. If there is no excess adipose tissue and an overhanging apron, the operation is carried out by lipomodeling – a puncture is made in places where fat accumulates and it is pumped out or moved to the desired area to form an aesthetic silhouette. Quite quickly and painlessly, a man gets a slender and fit figure without tiring workouts in the gym.

Abdominoplasty can be used to correct the waist area in a patient with excess skin and fat, a procedure more complicated than lipomodeling and requiring preparation, during which the surgeon removes excess subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue in the lower abdomen. This type of operation takes place strictly under general anesthesia. After that, the patient gets a perfectly flat stomach.

The result is clearly visible in the photo. The patient consulted a doctor after being very severely obese due to hormonal treatment. He went through a weight loss course and then four operating stages over two years, which gave the result on these images.

– With such large volumes, it is impossible to do everything at once in one stage, since there is an indisputable axiom – in one operation it is impossible to remove more than 10% of the body weight in order to avoid unnecessary injuries to the body. Observing this rule and gradually transforming a person, giving his body time to get used to the changes, we get a similar result forever without health risks. The patient stubbornly walked towards his goal. His path began with 160 kg, but now his weight is around 90 kg, and he is completely satisfied with his new beautiful body. During the stages of the operation, we removed everything unnecessary from the back, lower back, arms, legs, performed abdominoplasty and smoothed all the seams, but the patient has a peculiarity – a tendency to hypertrophic seams, namely keloids. Therefore, we see slightly thickened seams. But this feature is quite rare and does not occur often in patients.

In addition to what has already been said, men turn to plastic surgeons for navel plastic surgery because of its deformation or simply unaesthetic appearance. A buttock lift using lipofilling (moving adipose tissue from one zone to another) is also popular – no one has ever given up on elastic buttocks.

Less popular is the procedure for creating abs cubes. According to the doctor, usually such a request is for those men who have a relief silhouette on the arms and legs, but not on the stomach: fat deposits are removed from the waist area, and the press becomes visible.

– In fact, everyone has abs cubes – a person has a muscular frame, otherwise he could not walk straight, and the rectus abdominis muscle has a structure with tendon bridges. Due to the fact that we spend a lot of time in an upright position, this muscle is always pumped, – says the doctor and further explains. – Lipomodelling operation to create abs cubes is associated with the work of fat cells – they are given to a person from birth in a certain amount (about three billion) and are distributed throughout the body individually. There is a functional fat layer and there is a storage layer – at the time of the operation we remove the entire deep layer, and then another 1 cm from the functional layer – this is how the cubes are drawn according to the human muscle contour.

Before the operation, the doctor advises patients not to lose weight on purpose and come in the weight in which he lives. At the time of the operation, the surgeon does not work with the weight, but with the silhouette of a person – he creates a new one, therefore, if after the procedure you gain weight, you will definitely not return to the previous forms.

Intimate plastic

The most popular position in the line of intimate plastic surgery for men is an operation to enlarge the penis, namely, to change its diameter and length. Professor and Doctor of Medical Sciences Olga Dobryakova says that most often the thickening operation is carried out through lipofilling – the transplantation of the patient’s own adipose tissue from one zone to another.

Another method is ligamentotomy (surgical incision of the ligament that supports the penis, due to which it lengthens from 1.5 cm to 6 cm, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient). During the operation, the surgeon dissects the ligaments by means of which the penis is attached to the pubic bones, which makes it possible to release the part of the penis inside the body. To prevent the ligaments from growing back together, it is necessary to wear a special device for several months – a stretcher, whose task is to perform a pulling function. To date, Olga Dobretsova has developed a technique that allows men to do without a stretcher in the postoperative period.

Among other things, the implantation of various structures and the introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid are quite often used – it is injected under the skin in order to enlarge the penis, at least 10 ml of the drug is required.

– Such operations are less traumatic, and the risk of complications is minimal, provided that the doctor uses approved drugs. Of course, there are a number of nuances. For example, if we are talking about lipofilling, then the procedure must be carried out in several stages, otherwise, with a single injection of adipose tissue, the effect will disappear after a few months. After the operation, swelling persists for some time, there may be irregularities that disappear over time. It happens that men think: after an increase in the penis, their erection, sensitivity and libido will increase – no, this is not true, only the shape of the penis and its size will change. This operation does not affect potency in any way, – the doctor explains.

As a rule, men resort to such procedures for aesthetic reasons. There are also medical indications, for example, Peyronie’s disease – a disease in which a dense fibrous plaque forms in the tunica albuginea. The disease is manifested by the occurrence of pain and curvature of the penis during erection. Often these patients are unable to live sexually.

Also, medical indications may include trauma that has led to deformation. Back in the early 90s, a technique was developed that allows you to recreate the penis from the abdominal muscles. With copulative dysfunction (insufficient erection), silicone prostheses are inserted, thereby increasing the hardness. The cost of correction operations ranges from 100 thousand rubles and more, usually lasts from 30 minutes to several hours.

– I carry out about 10 such operations a year. The age range of patients ranges from 18 to 85 years. There is a request for reduction, usually from patients with gender inconsistencies. Ordinary men did not turn to me with such a request, – says Olga Dobryakova.

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