What will happen at NSU on the day of Mikhail Mishustin’s arrival

NSU told what will happen at the university on March 5, on the day of Mishustin’s arrival. At Novosibirsk State University they told how students will study on Friday, March 5. On this day, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin will visit Novosibirsk .

Earlier it was reported that the rector signed an order to transfer some of the students and staff on this day to distance learning. NSU insists that the order was not connected with the arrival of Mishustin.

— In connection with the upcoming long holidays and related events, antiviral prophylactic treatment of premises at Pirogova, 1 was planned for March 5, which is carried out at NSU according to the schedule approved by the order of December 20, 2020, — the vice-rector of the NSU for general issues commented on the situation Sergey Malinovsky.

As the press service of the university clarified, it was in this connection that the decision was first made to temporarily transfer staff and students to distance learning. However, today they decided not to do this: on March 5, classes will be held in face-to-face and distance mode in accordance with the format established by the faculties.

Novosibirsk university students returned to full-time studies on February 8.

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