Where to buy tasty and inexpensive food? The best supermarket in Novosibirsk

Five thousand applications from Novosibirsk citizens have been received for the “People’s Prize NGS”. The residents of Novosibirsk have just over two weeks left to nominate their favorite companies for the title of the best business in the city.

Why is this needed? Firstly, in this way you can say thank you to the employees of your favorite dentistry or mark a fitness club where you really like to work out. Secondly, the more votes there are, the more objective the people’s rating that we are compiling will be.

The townspeople have already nominated 5 thousand companies for the title of the best business in Novosibirsk in 10 nominations. Many do not just vote, but also explain why their coffee shop (residential complex, supermarket, beauty salon, etc.) is the best in their field.

Now the majority of applications are sent to the “Dental Center of the Year” nomination (more than a thousand people have already voted in this nomination!). People write such comments: “In this place, dentists will find an approach to any patient and make the most beautiful smiles”, someone singles out specialists who can work with children: “The best children’s dentists in the city”, and someone cares about the quality of work: “The best doctors are competent and attentive. A very careful and respectful attitude towards patients, the result of the work is beyond praise: a filling is indistinguishable from a natural tooth! “

The second place is taken by the “Fitness Club of the Year” nomination. For many, apparently, the atmosphere is very important: “Cool coaches, equipped stylish gym, new renovation, cleanliness”, “The best atmosphere for effective training!”, “Incredibly atmospheric place with cool club staff and a special approach to their work.” Somewhere the advantage is the fact that it is “not crowded”.

In third place – the nomination “Beauty Salon and Barbershop of the Year”. Readers note: “There are pleasant prices, friendly staff, craftsmen – professionals in their field.” The coronavirus has made its own adjustments to the criteria for evaluating a business, therefore, precautions are important for many: “Professional coaching staff, all precautions have been taken, the hall is clean and tidy, the locker rooms are tidy and have a pleasant aroma. All the necessary personal hygiene products are available. The shower and toilet are also always tidied up. ” And for someone it is important to solve their problems: “The best place in the city, helping to solve problems with feet and nails.”


But there are interesting comments in other nominations as well. For example, for someone, a favorite bar becomes a home: “It is very pleasant and cozy, it resembles a house, I accidentally got there and I will never forget this wonderful place.”

But somewhere a particular dish wins: “A large selection of craft, a shawarma for which you can sell your soul, sincere bartenders, great games, a friendly audience and great songs” or “Delicious coconut cappuccino”.

Someone gives precise recommendations for the target audience of the spa: “Professional massage therapists from Thailand, Indonesia. The atmosphere, friendly and beautiful girls at the reception, I have been walking for more than a year and I advise all IT workers 100%. “

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