Where to go to Museum Night 2021? The most interesting sites, addresses and prices

The program of the Night of Museums — 2021 was published in Novosibirsk. This year, 40 cultural sites of Novosibirsk are participating in the action. Among them, of course, is the Muse of Death

Life is returning to its usual rut, where, in addition to work and home, there are finally holidays again (just look at how they celebrated May 9 in Novosibirsk) and cultural events. In May, it is the traditional Night of Museums, which was forced to move online a year ago due to restrictions.

Then, according to the head of the regional Ministry of Culture Natalia Yaroslavtseva, about 50 thousand people watched the broadcast of the action. This year, museums are waiting for guests offline May 15-16 — the NGS chose the most interesting sites and made a program for the Night of Museums in Novosibirsk.

For a year, the cultural life in Novosibirsk almost froze: the authorities banned the holding of mass events due to the danger of the coronavirus. Therefore, some events missed by the spectacle of Novosibirsk take with a bang — the pandemonium alone on the fireworks on Victory Day is worth something.

The next such event should be the Night of Museums. According to the Minister of Culture of the Novosibirsk Region Natalya Yaroslavtseva, about 50 thousand people watched the online broadcast from Novosibirsk museums last year, so this year museums expect to see at least 10 thousand visitors in total — according to the most conservative estimates. 90 sites will work on the Night of Museums, the minister said: 40 in the city and 50 in the region.

The program in different museums starts at different times, but the official time of the action is from 6 pm to 2 am. If for some reason it is not possible to get into the museums, then this year there will again be an online broadcast of everything that happens with live feeds — it will be conducted on the YouTube channels of the Novosibirsk Museum and MER_I_Ya.

Novosibirsk Museum

This year the Museum of Novosibirsk became the official coordinator of the action — all regional museums of the city are under its jurisdiction. A couple of museum sites will not work this year: at the first railway bridge in the City Principle park — due to the construction of the fourth bridge across the Ob, and the main museum building at 4 Obskaya — due to renovations. You can purchase a subscription to almost all other sites and go through them in the evening — it will cost 200 rubles. Admission without a subscription to each site costs 100 rubles, children under 7 years old — free.

According to the director of the museum, Elena Shchukina, its branches will cover the entire history of Novosibirsk — from the end of the 19th century to the present day. For the first time this year, the action will be hosted by the office of engineer G.M.Budagov on Bolshevistskaya, 7: a fair in the style of Novo-Nikolaevsk market squares is planned, and the exposition will tell about the history of the village of Bugry, which is still preserved on the territory of Novosibirsk. Moreover, the exposition was assembled by the residents themselves.

“This is a story that was in the attic yesterday, and today it is presented in the museum,” said Elena Shchukina.

This year, the museum’s program also involved partner sites. For example, the territory of the KKK them. Mayakovsky will be dedicated to the 60s: there will be an exhibition of retro technology, a retro cafe, a dance floor, a photo studio, a fashion show for ladies fashionable in the 60s and an actor’s read of the play of that time, and from 8 pm to midnight cult films of the 60s will be shown. In this case, the site will be free.

Together with Rechflot, the Novosibirsk Museum organizes two river trips: at 18:30 — with a guide, at 20:00 — with an audio guide. You can get on the ship for 500 rubles (or 400 if you show a ticket from any other museum), but the number of seats is limited.

In addition to water, air was also involved this year: at 00:30 and 02:00, with a panoramic view of the night city from a height of 80 meters, the Gorskiy city hotel will conduct two excursions about the city with myths and bikes accompanied by a saxophone and with a compliment from the hotel. There is an age limit — 18+, preliminary registration is required. In addition, this is the most expensive program of the museum: 1000 rubles per ticket.

Museum of local lore

The local history museum has also prepared a program for several sites: four in the city and a complex of three more open sites — in Suzun.

Specially for the Night of Museums, a new exhibition about the Suzun coin was prepared in the building of the City Trade Building at 23, Krasny Prospekt; it will open at 19 o’clock, and the first tour of it will be conducted by the director of the museum, Andrei Shapovalov.

A musical program is scheduled at 20:00, a film screening about museums around the world at 21:00, and fairy tales of the peoples of Siberia will be told in the basement of the museum at 22:00. A ticket to the museum will cost 400 rubles, a discounted ticket — 200 rubles, and children under 6 years old will be admitted to the museum free of charge.

Another new exhibition will open at the Museum of Communications of Siberia at Sovetskaya Street, 33 — it will tell about 95 years of radio broadcasting in Siberia. There will also be an interactive zone, which was prepared together with the International School of Robotics and Programming «League of Robots». The Museum of Olympic Glory will be open in the same building until 2 am. A ticket to each of the museums here will cost 150 rubles, a discounted ticket — 100, the rule about children under 6 works.

In the «City Estate of Novo-Nikolaevsk» on Lenin Street, 23, where the atmosphere of everyday life of ordinary citizens of Novo-Nikolaevsk is recreated, free excursions will be held from 4 pm to 11 pm (entrance to the museum itself costs 150 rubles, preferential — 100 rubles). And the Museum of Nature will accept exhibits for the exposition-memories: everyone can bring any items related to foreign trips, and an exhibition will open here within a week, and then the souvenirs will be returned to the owners. For visitors, there will also be a photo zone and, of course, permanent exhibitions, admission is 300 rubles, a discount ticket is 100 rubles, children under 6 years old are still free to enter.

In Suzun, in addition to the permanent exhibition of the Mint, you can look at the exhibition of Suzun icon painting, which has been expanded with 20 new icons. There are about 400 such icons in the world, so the museum is very proud of this replenishment. The entrance to the museum will cost 200 rubles, a discount ticket costs 100 rubles, admission is free for preschoolers.

Art Museum

The Novosibirsk Art Museum has one of the most extensive programs. This year, the museum prepared it together with scientists and called it the «Laboratory of Art»: from 7 pm to 2 am, you can listen to lectures and music, take part in master classes and watch a light and electric show.

On the night of the museum, a new exhibition by the artist Georgy Lapshin will also be opened here, and the exhibition project «The Imperial Route» will be presented. And during the evening, Novosibirsk scientists will conduct a cycle of excursions «Art through the Eyes of Scientists»: about viruses, the financial value of paintings, the history of costumes, botany in painting, depicting emotions and even geology.

Admission to the museum for adults will cost 300 rubles, a discount ticket costs 250 rubles, a preschool ticket — 150. The full program is published on the museum’s website.

Cultural Center TsK19

Across the street from the art museum, at the Cultural Center TsK19, Vladimir Martynov’s exhibition The Room will open at the Museum Night: more than 50 graphic works and video, which had previously been shown in the Russian Museum and in the parallel program of the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

On this — and the exhibition «Another Dimension» — mediation will be carried out: walks-dialogues, in which you can discuss what you have seen. Entrance to all exhibitions costs 150 rubles, preferential — 100 rubles, mediation costs 200 and 150 rubles, respectively.

In addition, the anniversary «photopoetic» issue of the Kemerovo magazine «After 12», which was created by the poet Alexander Ibragimov, will be presented at TsK19. Entry here will be free.

The full program of the action in TsK19 is on the center’s website, on the Night of Museums it will be open until 22:00.

Art El

In the creative space «Art El» on Romanova Street, 23 on the evening of May 15, two new exhibitions will open at once: the «Rift» project about the generation that was born during the collapse of the USSR, and «The Archeology of the Disappearance of the Russian Village» reasons for the villages.

The site will close at 22:00, admission is free.

Philharmonic Chamber Hall

On May 15, you can go not only to museums: for example, this year the Philharmonic Society dedicated the action to its main «exhibit» — the House of Lenin, which this year celebrated its 96th anniversary. They prepared an interactive story about the history of the building, an art space with master classes, photo zones, a backstage walk and a concert program.

The program of the action will start at 21:00, the ticket will cost 300 rubles. Details and concert program are published on the website of the Philharmonic.

The project “Novo-Sibirsk. Constructivism! «

On the Night of Museums, a project dedicated to Novosibirsk constructivism, together with the Revolution Club, will take a tour of the building of the avant-garde house of culture on Lenin Street, 24: from the front door to the attic.

The excursions will be conducted by the club’s director Alexei Kryzhanovsky and one of the project participants, the administrator of the Museum of the History of Siberian Architecture named after S. N. Balandina Anton Gashenko. There will be four of them, the first one starts at 20:00, the last one — at 00:30. The visit is free, but registration is required.

Museum of Sex

In the House with a Clock on the Night of Museums, one can see an exhibition collected by the «Integral Museum of Akademgorodok» and dedicated to the love relationships of Novosibirsk residents. About how ideas about love and beauty changed, what was the path from the «Glass of Water» of the 1920s to the «12 Sexual Commandments» of the 1930s, about the prohibition of pair dancing, the «new woman», sex symbols of the past, appropriation «Issue 2 will be presented at the site of the Casanova store.

Tours start at 6 pm every half hour, the exposition will be closed at 2 am, and it will no longer work. The cost of the visit is 200 rubles, the entrance is strictly 18+. Better to register in advance.

«Russia is my history»

Historical Park «Russia — My History» will be open until midnight. From 4 pm until the end of the action, guides will conduct excursions and quests across all expositions. A new exhibition has also been prepared here: «The Way to the Stars: Marking the 60th Anniversary of the First Manned Space Flight». The exhibition will be interactive, and immediately after its opening, visitors will have a lecture by the President of the Novosibirsk Astronomical Society, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergei Maslikov and a musical program — of course, also a bit cosmic.

It will be possible to visit the site for 200 rubles for adults and for 100 rubles for children. The full program is published on the site of the historical park.


At the Novosibirsk Planetarium, the Museum Night will be relatively short, from 20 to 24 hours. Here you can watch a full-domed film (one of four), gaze at the stars, watch a lightning show and visit the Foucault tower to personally see the demonstration of the Earth’s diurnal rotation, and then climb to the observation deck at the highest point in the city.

A single ticket to the Night of Museums will cost 496 rubles: it will be used to visit all the sites of the planetarium. The extended program is published on the website.


This year universities will also take part in the Night of Museums action, one of them is NSTU NETI. Here, in the aircraft design and equipment laboratory of the Aircraft Faculty, you can see and even touch samples of military aviation of the 60s-80s of the XX century.

There will be two excursions in total, you need to send an application for them in advance. Participation is free of charge.


The Museum Night at NGUADI will also be free, starting at 4 pm and ending at 9 pm. Here they will tell about how different architects represented Novosibirsk, and they will conduct several excursions around the university — including the legendary staircase with the work of students.

Wonderland Park «Galileo»

In Galileo, on Dobrolyubova, 16a, a new program «4 elements» was prepared for the action, where in a chemical laboratory it will be possible to create living things from ashes, light water, turn the earth into dust — in general, have a good time.

The site will work until 10 pm, the program is on the Galileo website. Entrance will cost 300 rubles for children and adults, the cost of tickets to the laboratory is the same.

Hobby center «Zodiac»

In the center «Zodiac» on Vatutina Street, 17, the Night of Museums will be the most complete — in the sense from 11 pm to 6 am. It will begin with the role-playing game «Virus» (guess what), until 2 am they will talk about cinema (from script to production), conduct quizzes on the topic of cinema. Until the morning you can watch a movie, and finally play the mafia. Admission is free, registration may be required only for certain events.

Museum of World Funerary Culture

The Museum of Death in the village of Voskhod is one of the most popular sites of the Night of Museums. This year, new expositions dedicated to epidemics were prepared for the action (well, of course!), Virologists and epidemiologists were invited, new photo zones were made and a concert and a laser show were planned — the full program can be viewed on the museum’s website.

Tickets here are one of the most expensive: 1000 rubles — regular, 500 rubles — reduced. Children under 7 years old can come for free, and there is also a promotion for those who come here by car with friends: the driver will get a free ticket if he brings four friends or fellow travelers.

Museum of Happiness

A small private Museum of Happiness at 13, 1905 Street is also participating in the action and will be open until 1 am. Here you can look at souvenirs from all over the world, toys of the last century, learn to play unusual musical instruments and receive the museum’s talisman as a keepsake. Groups will be formed every hour, ticket prices: 300 rubles for adults and 200 for children. The museum published the details on its VKontakte page.

Museum of Ethnography of Childhood

In the museum dedicated to childhood, on Chaplygin Street, 36, the program will begin at 4 pm with a guided tour of how children lived in the old days. The promotion will last until 23:00: here you can drink tea from a samovar, listen to fairy tales for children and adults (at 21:00 cherished fairy tales will be told in the dark for an audience of 18+). The program will close with a concert: the musicians will play the harp, flute, balalaika — in general, full folk.

Admission for adults is 200 rubles, for children — 100 rubles, the concert will cost the audience 300 rubles. The program is published here.

«Gallery of time»

Museum of retro technology «Gallery of Time» at 1st Mochishchenskoye Highway, 1/6 — a new site for the Night of Museums. Quite recently, a second pavilion was opened here, the USSR Museum moved here, and now guests are awaiting the action — on the Night of Museums, the site will be open until 3 am. Here you can look at historical cars (the oldest was produced in the 19th century!), A model of a steam locomotive of the Cherepanov brothers, visit the reconstructed interiors of a Soviet school, a communal apartment, a music store, and generally have an interesting time. An entrance ticket here costs 500 rubles, a reduced one — 350 rubles. There is no special program for the Night of Museums, but guides will work, and all expositions are interactive.

DK «Primorsky»

In the recreation center «Primorsky» on Molodosti street, 15, they decided to dedicate the Museum Night this year to Remark: they will show a video installation about his life, give a lecture, and at 20 o’clock the theater-studio «Struna» will show the play «Notes from Paradise» based on Remarque’s novel » All Quiet on the Western Front. »

The venue will be open until 10 pm, the cost of tickets for the performance is 300 rubles.


In the popular space «Underground» on the Night of Museums, the event will not be an exhibition, but a theatrical: here the First Theater will show the play-text «Mushrooms»: a mixture of absurdity, science fiction, psychedelic trip, a terrible Russian fairy tale and dark prophecies about the end of humanity — and after all, just three people went into the forest for mushrooms.

Tickets cost 500 rubles.

Institute of Archeology and Ethnography SB RAS

Not really a museum, but also interesting: this year the museum night will be held in the laboratory building of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography at 7/3 Kutateladze Street. Here they will tell you how archaeologists work, show you the latest methods for dating artifacts, and even let visitors do their own analysis (under the supervision of specialists, of course). In addition, visitors will be able to see finds that have so far been shown only to a narrow circle of scientists, the Institute promises.

On the Night of Museums, in addition to the exhibition «Rare Items from the Collections», there will be an exhibition «Weapons of Victory», which will be complemented by a retro installation from the «Integral Museum of Akademgorodok». And here you can also make a stone tool or, for example, archaeological ceramics.

The promotion will last from 4 pm to 11 pm, but the full program has not yet been published. Ticket prices: 200 rubles — for adults, 100 rubles — for schoolchildren and pensioners. For preschoolers, children from large families and people with disabilities, admission will be free.

«Integral Museum-Apartment of Akademgorodok»

At the Integral Museum at 7, Detsky Proezd (in the former Aeroflot ticket offices), the program will be opened by a new exhibition «Thaw» with personnel from the young Academgorodok and the events of the «Under Integral» club. An installation of an apartment from the 60s will work here, it will be possible to listen to records, type on a typewriter (like a professor once) and learn stories about the life of the scientific town.

The museum will be open until 10 pm, admission is for a donation (100-200 rubles).

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