Why are you unlikely to find a normal girl on Tinder? An experiment of a man in active search

In our fast-paced times, more and more often we have to live literally on the run. There is no time for full-fledged communication with friends, there is no time for a full-fledged occupation of your favorite hobbies and hobbies, there is no time to slow down, exhale and just admire the world around you.

And even more so, there is no time to make new acquaintances, unless, of course, we are not talking about some business meetings or finding a reliable doctor for your pet. NGS correspondent Ilya Kalinin, who at some point in life received the moral right to study the length and breadth of dating sites not only from a professional point of view, plunged headlong into the popular dating application Tinder. And I was disappointed.

“Tinder is arguably the most hypocritical app in the world. Honorable people would rather confess to watching porn with dead animals than to having once had accounts in this pimping empire. ” This ironic phrase from Anna Melikyan’s delightful short film “Tenderness”, on the basis of which a whole series was filmed, could probably become the best advertisement for the well-known application.

Tinder was invented for adults and free people as a way to quickly meet people without a candy-bouquet period. Then to do what adults and free people do when they feel sympathy in return. Of course, adults and non-free people can also do this, but we will leave this option on their conscience. So, this application was originally conceived and positioned all over the world. In Russia, however, everything again took a special path.

Most of the girls use the app for quick dating in any way, but not for its intended purpose. Don’t believe me? Ask any Tinder girl what is the most common question she gets when dating. That’s right: “What are you here for?” This question has become almost a local meme, forcing some subscribers in the questionnaire to immediately answer it. And it is right. And it’s sometimes very difficult to figure out why some ladies came here.

Most of the participants in this “procuring empire” can be divided into several groups, each of which does not correspond in any way for the initially conceived quick acquaintance. For the uninitiated: swipe the appeared photo in Tinder to the right – select this profile, to the left – skip. If, in response, you are also chosen, the couple will match, and you will be able to start communication.

Sexual blackmail scammers

I’ll start with those who came here to defraud money. The most common method is blackmail. I came across this personally. Once I had a couple with a beautiful girl. So beautiful that, on the one hand, it does not seem like a fake, and on the other hand, it arouses the interest of any man. The profile contains several photos from different places and at different times of the year. As if one more proof: this is not a fake.

The girl started a conversation pretty quickly, almost immediately said that she wanted to find a lover, offered to go to WhatsApp and began to find out my intimate details: size, skill, preferences, favorite positions, and so on.

Literally after half an hour of close conversation, the tone of the potential mistress changed dramatically: I was shown that during our communication, screenshots of the correspondence were taken and my accounts in social networks were found from the photo. Then I was offered to pay 3,500 rubles so that intimate correspondence was not sent to all my contacts.

And here came the hour of my triumph: I almost laughed out loud in response to this – as much as the printed text allows you to laugh. Well, he blessed the blackmailers with complete freedom of action. I was already a free man, and such information – I did not describe any reprehensible or illegal actions – could, in a sense, become just an advertisement for me. About which I cheerfully notified the blackmailers. In the end, many years ago I learned to speak frankly in my publications on intimate topics, including with examples from my personal life, while working in the then popular Novosibirsk magazines CITY Energy and Modny Prospekt.

After such a turn, the scammers swore and quickly deleted all our correspondence. But here, for the sake of truth, it should be noted: anyone and not necessarily a girl could be hiding behind a fake profile.

Seeking tenderness escort and kept women

These are also determined to receive money, but at least they offer something material in return. Well, that’s the way it is supposed to be. Some girls, like 24-year-old Inna, immediately write honestly (the author’s style has been preserved everywhere): “I’m looking for a wealthy man or a sponsor. On my own behalf, I offer communication, care))) “. I think this is quite fair. But do you know what is most alarming here? Three smiling brackets after care.

There are those who are trying to somehow disguise the true reason for their appearance on Tinder. Alena, 29, from Moscow, writes on the page: “With a man you have to feel like Christ’s in your bosom! Toka so! A miner and a defender, for an hour, for a night, forever, as it goes) Closer to the point. Straightaway. It is possible without greetings, who needs them. By the way, cynicism is immediately banned. I am a very warm-hearted person and my heart is in the right place) ”.

In the second picture in her profile, Alena is fully revealed. She posts a screenshot from the account of some Anton and comments: “Perfect!” Anton writes the following: “Serious, adequate, modern. Advocate. I am looking for a girl for regular meetings. I’m not looking for a serious relationship. If necessary, I can help financially ($). If you are cheerful and without prejudice, we can meet. With mutual sympathy – continuation. I have a good and attentive attitude. With you – a good mood, tenderness and the absence of corrals. Meetings at one time are not interesting. I am looking for a romantic mistress. “

In general, a “warm-hearted person” is looking for someone who will give her $ in exchange for a good mood and tenderness. Everything is very simple. Alena could have put her message much shorter: “From me – tenderness, from you – $” In general, ordinary cynicism. For which, by the way, “immediately banned.”

The most vivid message that was found on the page of one of the hunters for happiness was from 22-year-old Ksyu: “Life is too short to spend on stingy men …”

Sex workers

Here, too, everything is simple: this group includes girls of “not difficult behavior”, webcam girls and porn site advertisers.

Both the first and the second often honestly write under the name and photo (perhaps not their own) that they are “sex workers.” Or – “I sell my intimate photos and videos.” In extreme cases, if something did not immediately reach you, they will designate all their goals shortly after the first greeting.

– I do not meet. But, if you want, we can communicate via video. I’ll throw off the link, this is a webcam, ”pretty Alla dotted the“ e ”right away. Only she did not name the amount. Apparently, so as not to scare away.

Those who advertise porn sites or similar groups on social networks, as a rule, immediately indicate that they do not intend to communicate here, and offer to follow the link to the corresponding group. Whether you catch any virus during such a transition depends on the decency of the person who communicates with you. True, the word “decency” in this case seems archaism, and I would not risk it.

Businesswomen and applicants for business partners

Yes, yes, yes, these are also present here. From all sorts of coaches who, as I suppose, are gaining an audience here, to real businesswomen who write this way: I am looking for a business partner, do not bother me with all sorts of romantic proposals. Think about it: do not bother with romantic offers. In Tinder! Do not disturb with romantic offers! It’s like walking into the meat aisles in the Central Market and asking them to pick up an evening dress for you, but in no case offering pork entrecote or beef tenderloin.

Perhaps I’m starting to wonder how Lady Gaga’s famous meat dress came to be, in which she came to the MTV Video Music Awards ten years ago.

Where are these ladies from? No, really? What are they thinking to find here? Maybe someone made fun of them and instead of linking to Linkedin sent Tinder with the note: “There are excellent stock traders here, especially bears and bulls.” And added a smiley at the end.

No, it’s easy to meet bulls here. I think there are bears too. I even suspect that there are a lot of goats. But it is certainly not worth looking for business partners among them. Well, not in the 1990s we, dear ladies. The maximum is still in the late 1930s.

Lovers take it slow

There is also a separate category of women who perceive Tinder as an ordinary social network. Where should you first post photos, and then carry on long-term correspondence with your chosen one.

I used to think so too: first you have to get to know each other, get to know each other, and only then invite you on a date. And at first I tried to communicate just like that – honestly and not boringly. Day or two or three … Everything seemed to be going well, but suddenly the interlocutor disappeared from the profile. For no reason. One friend explained to me later: you don’t need to communicate for a long time, this is Tinder, a couple of messages and – forward to meet fate! Like, modern girls do not like ears. At least online.

Then I began to behave differently: the couple coincided, greeted, exchanged pleasantries and – immediately call for a meeting. But even then there was a misunderstanding: girls began to come across who were categorically not satisfied with such speeds. They wanted to talk first. And even at a measured pace. This is when a response to your greeting comes in a couple of days. And on the second, already more intelligible message, and written immediately after her answer, you wait for a comment for about a week. And there were a lot of such interlocutors too.

Women with solid raisins

Perhaps this is the most unusual group. There are many girls whose page you look at and think: “Why is this? What is she using? Which SpongeBob does she want to attract with her message? “

There is a well-known expression: every woman should have a zest. Then someone added to him: “But there must still be a woman among the raisins.” So some girls here have a lot of raisins. Well, very, very straightforward. It’s like their uncle works in a raisin factory.

This is what a girl who is looking for a responsible man for a serious long-term relationship thinks about, indicates in the description that she values ​​spirituality and chastity, but at the same time uploads a dozen of her photos that can adorn any XXX men’s magazine? Does she really think that now there will be a line of religious virgins who want to start a solid family with five children? No, the fact that the lady is ready for the five children is quite obvious, but some doubts arise about the rest.

Or who is the owner of the profile trying to attract, where there are three photographs: a cat, birch branches against the background of a river and a green field? Veterinarian? Fisherman? Maybe an ameliorator? I want to swipe the photo to the right when I see an outwardly pretty woman on it, otherwise this whole puzzle goes to the left immediately.

And what is the girl counting on when she has placed the text instead of her face: “It’s unpleasant to realize that only a dog is ready to walk with you. And even then only because he wants to shit? Or another, informing potential partners: “I sincerely do not understand: with the hope that you are offering intercourse, if you are not even 0.25 Lil Pipov out of 10.” I read it twice. Then one more time. And already honestly prepared to ask what it means, but said nothing. I just saw a postscript: “When you ask:” How many Lil Peeps are in me? ” “One kitten dies in the world”. And I really love kittens.

Or here’s another from life. I see a photo of Mila Jovovich and, of course, I swipe to the right. No, I do not hope that Jovovich herself signed up for Russian Tinder, I just want to understand the motivation. The pair works well, and I write with some irony: “Hello! You strongly remind me of someone. ” In response – quite serious: “This is a photograph of a famous actress. She looks a lot like me. ” At me, Karl! A picture should appear here, which is called a “rukalitso”. Excuse me, dear copy of Mila, but in the real world you will also come to a meeting wearing a Jovovich mask? Or replace it with at least cucumber?

PS Of course, not everything is so sad about Tinder. You can still find normal girls here. And even the Playboy cover girl. A certain Anna directly points out: she was, they say, on the cover of the Russian edition in January 2020. Anna writes that she is looking for a worthy man. Spirituality is in the first place among its characteristics. True, she immediately notices that she almost never logs into Tinder and offers to subscribe to her Instagram. I didn’t. I have not yet accumulated so much spirituality. With “lil pipami” would be dealt with first.

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