Why is the infrastructure of sleeping areas dangerous?

There are legends about the Novosibirsk «ghetto» — Plyushchinsky housing estate is often mentioned in these ranks. But not all residents are disappointed in it. Our colleague has already explained why it is better to live in a “cheap ghetto” than in a Khrushchevka near the metro.

A few days ago, a fire broke out at the MZhK, which caused the massif to get stuck in a huge traffic jam. Today, in the «Opinions» section, a resident of Plyushchikha, Mikhail Kovalev, discusses why hundreds of people can suffer in the event of any (even the most insignificant) emergency. And this is not only about this microdistrict, but also about most of the sleeping areas of Novosibirsk. We publish his opinion column.

The whole city has long known about the problems of MZhK and Plyushchikha because of the roads. For 7 years of my life here, I have long understood that at rush hour the roads are stuck, but if you get used to it, you can easily leave the array. In general, the road from Plyushchinsky is more reminiscent of a rural street, which runs into an ever-plugged GBSh. Are developers aware of this? No doubt. How many complaints from residents have been written is also innumerable.

More precisely, there are two more roads from the MZhK through which you can get out, but they are single-lane and are often covered with snow. It is clear that ill-conceived infrastructure and strange snow removal are a problem not only in our region, but also in the entire city.

There are, of course, other problems as well. Let’s take the recent fire — several stalls caught fire at the very beginning of the MZhK on Vysotsky Street. Fire trucks drove to the scene. The special services immediately blocked the road connecting our array with the outside world. At about six o’clock we were cut off from the whole city. People walked great distances, because the transport did not go, the cars could not budge. Many were forced to cancel cases, someone was late for work.

It seems to be okay. But let’s see how many categories of people actually suffer:

1. Plyushchikhintsy and the residents of the MZhK themselves . Most need to go to work and on business. The number of bosses who understand can be counted on one hand. It turns out that thanks to today, part of the deals will break down, part of the premiums will be cut, and the working day will last for a couple more hours. And given the population of the neighborhood, we can conclude that many jobs were empty in the morning.

2. Need help business owners. It turns out that in the event of any emergency, where the only road is blocked in the same way, it will be difficult for the same rescue service or ambulance to travel. The death toll on this day may increase markedly. Also, because of the recent road blockage, for example, the «furists» who deliver goods to local stores suffered greatly.

3. Schoolchildren, sick, elderly and pregnant women . These are the very categories of people who simply cannot walk long distances, especially in winter. This puts them in danger, because the sidewalks are littered with snow, and the air temperature is well below zero. Any frozen person in this category can subsequently become a patient in the hospital.

4. Transport companies that have suffered colossal losses . If the minibuses could still drive roundabouts around the courtyards (disturbing the peace of the residents), then the buses on narrow roads simply would not turn around. Why such interested people are silent about the insolvency of roads is also a question.

Due to the fire on Vysotsky, residents of the MZhK were cut off from Novosibirsk. This is how the place of the fire looked early in the morning: motorists lined up, waiting for the special services to clear the passage

All this shows the shortsightedness and sluggishness of developers and those who are responsible for this area. It turns out that a permit for the construction of a whole «man of men» was issued, one road was built, and what next? After Plyushchikha, they began to build up the next microdistrict — Tsvetnaya Plyushchikha, where a couple of hundred more people were settled.

Another question for those who issue permits for the construction of such stalls right next to the house — you never know what. The fire can spread to other buildings, there may be (and probably were) gas cylinders inside. Now let’s imagine that there are such kiosks all over the city.

Snow is still poorly cleaned throughout the city, road connections are disgustingly developed, and sleeping areas are being built very ill-considered. This means that any residential area can become the next — to remain blocked and cut off from the city.

Plyushchikha, despite the opinion of many people, has long ceased to be a «cheap ghetto» — the infrastructure in the form of shops, schools and entertainment is developed here, and the cost of apartments has long been average in the market. But the need of hundreds of residents for the road, which is needed here like air, is ignored. How many more fires and incidents must occur for the authorities to finally understand that people are not complaining because they are bored — there are real reasons and needs? It’s time to make the long-promised «escape routes».

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