A new coal mine appeared near Novosibirsk

The authorities of the Novosibirsk region said that the new site for the development of anthracite deposits in the Gorlovsky basin (Iskitimsky district) could be larger.

Its appearance became possible only after performing a number of procedures, in particular, reducing the area of ​​the future section. This work was attended by the regional government, the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia.

The experts determined the boundaries of “safe mining”, zones of protection from the harmful effects of mining, zones of displacement of mining operations, separation of the sides of open pits and open pits and other factors that affect the state of the subsoil and the earth’s surface in connection with future work on the Bogatyr open pit “.

– The following settlements were excluded from the contour of the site being formed: Listvyanskiy village, Shadrino village, workers’ villages Linevo and Dorogino, Dorogina Zaimka village, Gribnoy village, Ukrainka village, Semyonovskiy village and Karasevo village with a total population of 27 thousand people, deposits common minerals of the Novosibirsk region, areas of domestic and drinking water supply, specially protected natural areas of regional significance. The subsoil plot was reduced by 2.5 times. In addition, in order to ensure the rational use of subsurface resources and environmental protection, Bogatyr Open-Pit Mine LLC is obliged to ensure the export of coal mined at the subsurface site exclusively by rail, – says the response of the Novosibirsk Region government to the request of the NGS correspondent.

As a reminder, the site for the extraction of anthracite in the Gorlovka basin was recently acquired by Bogatyr open pit LLC, a subsidiary of Colestar, one of the founders of which is Eduard Khudainatov. He is known as the head of the campaign headquarters of Vladimir Putin in 2000, the former vice president of Rosneft and the owner of JSC Neftegazholding.

Colestar LLC appeared in October 2017. Apart from Eduard Khudainatov (75% share), the list of founders includes Boris Varshavsky (12.4%) and Alexander Borodaev (12.4%). Boris Varshavsky is the former Minister of Nature of Khakassia, Alexander Borodaev is the ex-owner of Ore Khakassia (wholesale trade in metals) and the current owner of the Tsentruglesbyt enterprise (activity of agents in the wholesale trade of fuels, ores, metals and chemicals). Colestar’s revenue in 2020 amounted to RUB 119.8 million, and net profit – RUB 13.9 million. The company has five established legal entities, including Opencast Bogatyr LLC, registered in March 2021. Its general director is Igor Pastukhov; earlier he was the head of the Sea Port Aurora company in the Primorsky Territory. This is also a Colestar company.

Earlier, Governor Andrei Travnikov reacted negatively to the possible appearance of another coal mine on the territory where enterprises of the Sibanthracite group are already mining. Attempts to enter a new mining site, he called “cynical.”

This summer, a competition was held to obtain a license for the extraction of minerals in the Iskitim region. The winner – Opencast Mine Bogatyr LLC – plans to start work on the site by 2023 and produce up to 10 million tons of enriched anthracite annually.

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