A world without vaccinations: in Europe, people die from controlled infections

At the end of August, the World Health Organization reported a measles outbreak in Europe. For half a year have registered 41 thousand cases of infection, including 37 deaths, — a record for ten years.

The main reason is the mass refusal of vaccination, specialists are sure. How and what are antidiarrheals taken ill — in the material of RIA Novosti.

«Measles is a very contagious infection with an airborne droplet transmission mechanism.It is almost completely susceptible to infection.It is not necessary to contact the patient for infection, it is enough to simply visit the room where it was not long before, and infection is possible already at the end of the incubation period, when In the pre-vaccination era, almost all children were ill with measles, «says Academician Nikolay Bricaud, Chief Epidemiologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Evidence Honey Icons of the First Moscow State Medical University. I. M. Sechenov.

Not vaccinated? You will precisely catch

In other words, in a world without vaccinations, if a person gets measles, his whole family and neighbors are likely to get infected. Even with the current level of development of medicine, there is no specific treatment for the virus that causes measles. Doctors simply remove the symptoms of drugs that can not affect the course of the disease, the faster the recovery. Therefore, with the outbreak of measles in the «unvaccinated world», mortality will reach ten percent, with children under the age of five most likely to die. One-third of the patients will get severe complications — blindness, encephalitis, diarrhea, pneumonia.

In a world where about 90 percent of the population is vaccinated against measles, no one will become infected. Even those who were not vaccinated for medical reasons — the collective immunity will work. If a vaccinated person develops measles, and this is extremely rare, but it happens (according to the research of American and Australianscientists, the effectiveness of measles vaccine exceeds 95 percent), the disease will be much easier without serious complications.

Why is collective immunity so important?

«In Russia, more than 95 percent of the population is vaccinated against measles, compared to the European countries with outbreaks of this infection, the situation is controlled.» In Serbia and Ukraine, the incidence rate is about 600 people per million, in Greece and Georgia — 300, in Russia — 13.

Moreover, we only register imported measles virus — it’s the European genotype Dublin B3, that is, people have been on vacation and picked up the virus, but our epidemiological service has historically been so arranged that we locate the hearth very quickly and it is not spread anyaetsya «, — says Elena Tivanova, a leading expert at the Center for Molecular Diagnostics (CMD) FBUN Central Research Institute of Epidemiology.

Over the past ten years, the peak in the incidence of measles in Russia was 2014 — 32 infections per million people. Today, this figure is almost three times lower. As Elena Tivanova points out, the situation in the country and measles, and other controlled infections (rubella, poliomyelitis) is relatively favorable, but this does not mean that it is worth to refuse vaccinations.

The incidence of measles in European countries in the first six months of 2018

The so-called collective immunity, which covers the virus from a direct transmission from an individual to an individual, works only when more than 90 percent of the population is vaccinated. It is collective immunity that protects those who can not be vaccinated for serious reasons — newborns, people with immune problems or cancer patients.

Post-vaccination complications

«According to all WHO predictions, humanity should have gotten rid of measles by 2020. But this did not happen because, in the last two decades, anti-vaccination sentiments have been increasing worldwide. Someone refuses to vaccinate for religious reasons, and some The doctors prefer internet to the consultations, there are a lot of information that does not correspond to reality.Patients at the forums incorrectly assess their feelings after vaccinations. A weak reaction to the vaccination is normal, since the vaccine contains a weakened or in some cases only the toxins of the virus, they will not cause the disease, but the immune system «sees» them and begins to defend themselves — to produce antibodies. For a short time, the temperature may rise, single rashes may appear, According to Academician Bricaud, more serious complications after the introduction of vaccines are extremely rare — one case per million.

«All strong post-vaccination reactions and complications are recorded and analyzed, usually they occur in people who have serious problems with immunity or genetic breakdowns, but the risk of receiving a post-vaccination complication is incomparable with what can happen in the disease,» the scientist clarifies.

The mechanism of collective immunity

As for the connection between vaccination and the syndrome of sudden infant mortality, a favorite argument of anti-vaccination, no scientific study has revealed this. In 2007, specialists from the University of Münster (Germany), after analyzing a number of works on this topic, did not find adequate evidence that vaccination leads to sudden death of newborns.

The relationship between autism and immunization is also not confirmed. The only scientific study claiming that the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella causes autism, performed by order and for money pharmaceutical companies. Subsequently, this work was withdrawn from the magazine, where it was published. Hence, it contains falsified data, logical errors, or the author is involved in a conflict of interests.

Anti-vaccination and morbidity

«Accurate statistics, how often anti-vaccination suffer from controlled infections, but there is data, that among those who fell ill with the same measles, up to 90 percent are not vaccinated against it. On the other hand, we know: everywhere, where for whatever reasons the mass vaccination of the population was curtailed, immediately there were outbreaks of infectious diseases. There are many examples. Japan, the mid-1970s — an absolutely favorable situation for whooping cough. Refused from DTP — a sharp increase in the incidence, including deaths. 2010, Tajikistan.

Eight years before, the European region was declared free of poliomyelitis, and the vaccination program in Tajikistan was curtailed. A wild variant of the poliomyelitis virus from India was introduced, and the infection spread among unvaccinated young children. Only seven hundred laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease. It took the efforts of the international community to eliminate this outbreak. One can also recall the situation with diphtheria in Russia in the 1990s, when the coverage of the population by vaccination decreased and an outbreak of diseases with a large number of deaths occurred. I do not understand how anti-vaccination does not see this, «Nikolay Bricaud spreads his hands.

The mass rejection of grafts not in the public interest, as the cost of prevention of diseases in several times lower than the money spent on treatment. Therefore, in many countries people are forced to be vaccinated in a variety of ways. In France, for refusing the vaccine against diphtheria, polio and tetanus relies a fine of several thousand euros or jail for six months. In the US, an unvaccinated child is impossible to arrange in a public school, and the cost of health insurance for antiprivivochnikov several times higher than for all others. In Russia, the only way to increase the coverage of the vaccinated population is to explain why it is necessary to be vaccinated.

«Vaccination is the most effective tool known to mankind, not only socially and epidemiologically, but also economically most cost-effective.» The surgeon saves one, and epidemiologists — millions, «the academician sums up.

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