About the rules for the May holidays

During the May holidays, the authorities of the Leningrad region are preparing to receive over 2 million residents of St. Petersburg. The 47th region and the Northern capital agreed to give people the opportunity to breathe fresh air, but it is still forbidden to gather companies, go out into the woods to fry kebabs, and play volleyball.

St. Petersburg summer residents should be masked to ride in public transport and go to shops in the Leningrad region on holidays. City pensioners will be allowed into the 47th region, outdoor walks are also allowed: but on certain conditions.

On the air of the Open Studio program, the governor of the Leningrad Region, Alexander Drozdenko, explained by what rules 12 days of holidays should be spent, what can and should not be done, and answered a flurry of calls from viewers that hit him. Also, the head of the 47th region named the territories that should not be hoped for easing the regime of self-isolation, but hinted: there are also “lucky ones” who will soon have a peaceful life.

They will stop, warn

As Alexander Drozdenko emphasized, the “commander’s” decision on the possibility of trips of urban summer residents to the Leningrad region was made jointly with the mayor of the Northern capital, Alexander Beglov.

– We definitely decided with Alexander Beglov that we would not divide the city and the region. We are one big family, and I clearly understood that to continue to compress the townspeople and be in St. Petersburg in self-isolation mode, let’s be honest, in concrete boxes, this is wrong. Moreover, 12 days, – said, in particular, the head of the 47th region.

He emphasized that such movements should be carried out clearly “from point” A “to point” B “, that is, according to the scheme: house – cottage, cottage – house.” At the same time, Alexander Drozdenko asked the townspeople to refrain from traveling unnecessarily to and fro, and recalled the need to isolate themselves for all 12 days.

Also, the head of the 47th region drew attention to the presence in the Leningrad region of 54 settlements, where the epidemiological situation leaves much to be desired. This, for example, the village of Pervomaisk, the city of Pikalyovo. However, there are no country arrays.

– We do not recommend stopping at these points. Moreover, there will be organized duty by police and combatants. If someone suddenly wants to stop there and buy food, law enforcement officials will report that quarantine has been introduced in the territory and advise other food outlets. It will be possible to enter Pikalyovo too only if the person is a local resident, – assured Alexander Drozdenko.

Masked only, 65+ possible

The head of the Leningrad region also said that during all May holidays local residents and summer residents should wear masks in all public places, if possible gloves. This applies to buses, trains, shops. The movement of the first will be according to the weekend scheme with all the perceived benefits. In turn, the Railways decided to increase the pairs of trains so that there is no crowding.

As Alexander Drozdenko promised, to stop, if someone goes out for groceries, while nobody will be, however, the situation may still change.

Meanwhile, a resident of Slantsy who called the studio said that there are no masks in pharmacies, they can be bought only at 100 rubles and by hand, or they can be made independently.

– The situation with masks was difficult throughout the country, but it has changed. Over the past week, mask prices have been steadily declining. And they are two times lower than a month ago, when there was a surge in purchases. Mass deliveries are underway. As for the Shales, there is not one infected and with a confirmed diagnosis, ”reassured Alexander Drozdenko.

Another viewer of retirement age from St. Petersburg was interested in how to get to her cottage if privileged tickets were blocked. According to Alexander Drozdenko, benefits for residents of the 47th region.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the authorities of the Northern capital decided to restore preferential travel from May 1 to 12 in suburban buses and free travel in electric trains for pensioners and citizens over 55 years old (for women) and 60 years old (for men). The benefits are only valid for a one-way trip from the Northern capital.

There was also a question on the air about whether retirees 65+ who could go to summer cottages in the Leningrad region would be able to recommend the most strict self-isolation regime.

– In this case, we recommend using the services of relatives, acquaintances, friends, so that such people travel in a car, and not in public transport. In this case, the person does not violate anything and does not risk anything, ”explained Alexander Drozdenko.

Many were worried about how to get to the country house, which is located in the regions adjacent to the Leningrad region. For example, in the same Pskov region. Alexander Drozdenko promised that there would be no problems with transit through the territory of the 47th region, but in the future he promised to resolve this issue.

– I can guarantee that you will get free from Petersburg to the territory of the Pskov region. Nobody will stop you. I will contact my colleague, Governor of the Pskov Region, Mikhail Vedernikov. We also have those who live on the border of the Pskov region, and we have family ties. I myself am at work in the morning, now I am in quarantine, and indeed the walls are beginning to crush, ”the head of the 47th region honestly admitted.

What should I bring with me, except for food?

As Alexander Drozdenko reminded, it has been recommended that city summer residents carry with them for a month: an identification document, this is not necessarily a passport, it can be a driver’s license; and a document certifying that a person has any structure in the territory of the Leningrad region. This can be a book of a gardener, a book of a summer cottage operator, a certificate from the chairman of the HOA. Better, of course, a copy of the certificate of ownership.

If someone rented a cottage, it is necessary to bring along a contract or a payment document confirming that the payment has been made. When renting a summer residence from a private trader, it is also better to have an agreement with you on hand.

Alexander Drozdenko did not rule out a situation where someone can go to May to see friends or relatives.

“But if you’ve come to friends, then be with your friends.” You don’t have to move across the Leningrad region in search of adventure, although I understand that we have many beautiful places, ”the governor urged.

A light in the end of a tunnel?

Recalling the call of a resident of Slantsy, Alexander Drozdenko said that a phased withdrawal of the self-isolation regime is possible for this territory. But a checkpoint will appear to restrict the entry of people who do not live in the area.

– Slowly it will return to peaceful life. We have selected several districts of the Leningrad region, we will still discuss during the holidays with doctors and Rospotrebnadzor, and, possibly, in some territories we will remove the self-isolation regime, and in some we will strengthen it, ”the governor said.

However, while it is not planned to remove restrictions in the Vyborg district, it is in second place in terms of the number of cases; in the Vsevolozhsk district, bordering St. Petersburg, where the largest number of cases; Gatchina district, part of the Lomonosov district, in the above-mentioned Pikalyovo, where the situation is rather complicated.

“But there are more of those settlements where the situation is better.” Therefore, I believe that several districts have good chances. I will not speak with anyone yet, starting May 12, to return to peaceful life, ”Alexander Drozdenko reassured.

And you can even go for a run

The viewer who phoned the studio frankly admitted that in good weather he would like to go on a solo walk on the beach in Solnechny.

“Am I breaking something or can this be done?” After all, there is a beach and nobody is there, he asked.

Alexander Drozdenko joked that the young man, apparently, had in mind the territory in St. Petersburg, although there is a village of the same name in the 47th region.

– Seriously, we are definitely talking about the fact that there is a regime of self-isolation of two types. The first is for everyone in the country, with the exception of Moscow and the Moscow Region, where it is more rigid. The second mode is with quarantine elements. This is when it comes to those who go to isolation as prescribed by doctors, fell ill in a mild form, or had contact with patients. We have whole porches and houses are quarantined. Here they can’t do anything at all. We buy products for them through volunteers, medicines. Such people take out garbage by the clock, so as not to collide with other residents of the house, ”the head of the region recalled.

He stressed that if people isolate themselves at first sight and decide to go for a walk alone or with their family, then no one will punish them. The main thing is that these were members of the same family, not gathered in groups and did not go outside the village. Jogging is also allowed. But also, again, next to the cottage and to the borders of the village, and not further.

If people isolate themselves according to the second scheme, but take to the streets, then they will be fined. Its minimum size is 3000 rubles, the average in the 47th region – 7500 rubles.

– Once again: it is important that the authorities of the two regions agreed to give people the opportunity to breathe fresh air. But we cannot afford to assemble companies, go out into the woods to fry kebabs, play volleyball, ”concluded Alexander Drozdenko.

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