Coronavirus immunity: what investment projects of St. Petersburg will survive?

Soon, the financial unit of Smolny will present proposals for adjusting the budget of St. Petersburg for 2020. At the same time, on April 22, the mayor Alexander Beglov honestly admitted: because of the situation with the pandemic and the need to spend money on treating patients with COVID-19, the city does not have enough money, they “collect it crumbs”. Meanwhile, many large investment projects were announced earlier in the Northern capital, the launch of which was scheduled for this year. 78.ru found out which of them were still afloat.

The crises of past years “buried” a lot of investment projects in the city. Now a pandemic layered on the ruble’s collapse. 78.ru understood which investment projects in St. Petersburg would be continued, despite all the circumstances.

Unsinkable CCM

Plans to create an updated CCM were announced back in 2017, when it was decided to hold the World Hockey Championship in St. Petersburg in 2023. The project has changed more than once and caused more than one urban scandal in the city. At the end of January this year, architect Alexei Danilenko presented an updated sketch. 78.ru talked  about this  in detail .

A little earlier, a concession agreement was signed to reconstruct SKK Petersburgsky with SKA-Arena LLC, the only applicant to submit a tender. According to this document, the city will invest in the project at least 50% of the cost of the object, but not more than 10 billion rubles. The city should receive a new complex by May 2023.

According to  78.ru, the  head of the Smolny Investment Committee, Roman Golovanov, this project will be continued.

– No one, of course, canceled the date of putting the facility into operation on May 1, 2023. This is the requirement and obligation that are specified in the concession agreement. And the concessionaire is actively working on this project, ”the official said, in particular.

According to the press service of SKA-Arena LLC, dismantling works are currently underway at the construction site, and a project of the arena and the adjacent park area are being developed in parallel. Also, as part of the survey, pilot piles were immersed in the base of the foundation slab of the complex, which are now undergoing load tests.

“The investor fulfills all the obligations undertaken under the concession agreement in full,” the company’s press service explained.

In greenhouse conditions

The city does not intend to say goodbye to the project of adapting the former  greenhouses in the Tauride Garden  to public spaces. The Investment Committee announced a competition for the restoration of facilities in December 2019. Initially, the structure of the Ginza holding company TatProekt showed interest in this project. For 1.7 billion rubles, the company was ready to develop 2.7 of the 3.5 hectares of greenhouses. For this money, a winter garden, a public garden, a lecture hall, a deli and a farmer’s market were promised to the citizens at the site of the greenhouses. Then it became known about the interest in the former greenhouses from the Gazprom Social Initiatives Support Fund. The tandem Estate, known for the ARTPLAY SPb project on Krasnogvardeiskaya Square, also added to the list of interested parties.

However, at the beginning of February of this year, only Gazprom entered the “home stretch”, which ultimately submitted the only application. According to the terms of the concession agreement, which is yet to be concluded, the investor will have to create a socio-cultural facility with three greenhouses (at least 1000 sq. M), exhibition and concert halls in allotments within 34 months. At least 60% of the area should be reserved for greenhouses and leisure facilities. In total, former greenhouses are transferred for 49 years.

As Roman Golovanov said, coordination is currently underway within the framework of the documentation that was previously signed and published as part of the concession agreement.

“I hope that in the second half of May we will have a result that we can demonstrate as a signed agreement,” assured Roman Golovanov.

Unforgiveness of the Slav

At the end of February this year, a name for a light rail from Kupchino to Slavyanka was chosen in St. Petersburg. He was called not entirely original: “Slav”. As previously reported, the creation of its first stage from the Kupchino metro station to Shushar with a depot starts in August 2021 and will be completed in 2023. The project is engaged in by BaltNedvizhService, structure of ABZ-1 and Gazprombank. A concession agreement was concluded with her in October 2019. The price of the issue is 58.1 billion rubles.

The second stage is a section from Shushar to Slavyanka. Its implementation is now planned for 2022 with completion in 2024. The tram should be a continuation of the blue metro line to the south of the city and will help solve problems with transport accessibility for residents of the Frunzensky and Pushkinsky districts. The length of the entire route will be 21 km, the first stage – 10 km, the second – 11 km. In total, 15 stops will appear on the line, the travel time from Kupchino to Slavyanka will be 38 minutes.

As Roman Golovanov said, despite all the temporary inconveniences, the design of the branch continues while it is on schedule.

Announced by the head of the investment committee and another high-speed tram line in St. Petersburg. However, he refused to give specifics and at least name the area.

– We are continuing a new regular project. Now he is in the process of deliberation. We can launch another tram in the city, in another district, ”the official only said.

Caring for the future

The committee is working on investments and documents for signing an agreement on public-private partnership to create a perinatal center on Vavilovykh Street in the Kalininsky district, the press service of the department said.

Recall that in March this year, a proposal to conclude an agreement was signed with JSC “CEN Group of Companies” in the person of a specially created project company. The center should be created by the year 2024. In the complex there will be a women’s consultation for 250 visits per shift, a clinic for young children for 100 visits per shift, and inpatient departments for 260 beds. The estimated number of staff of the center will be 680 people per shift. The implementation of such a project will provide work for more than 1000 people. The planned area of ​​the facility is 51,840 square meters. m

Under the agreement, CEN Group of Companies JSC will carry out its maintenance at the stage of operation of the perinatal center. The provision of medical services will be handled by the state budgetary health institution “Maternity Hospital No. 17” under the system of compulsory medical insurance.

“We have received an offer from an investor, we are currently working on documents for signing an agreement on public-private partnership,” the press service of the Investment Committee said.

The adaptation of historical mansions on Kamennostrovsky  Avenue to the hotel complex continues  . The signing of the agreement between St. Petersburg and Asgard LLC became known in February this year.

In particular, we are talking about the objects “Manor Egel E.G.” and “A. E. Vyazemsky’s House and the building of R. M. Vetzer’s mechanical workshop”. After repair, they will be converted to a hotel of a category not lower than “three stars”. Each will have approximately 46 rooms. At the same time, buildings will continue to remain in urban ownership. The concession agreement was concluded for 49 years. According to the agreement, the company should spend at least 302 million rubles on restoring the mansion.

For objects, according to Roman Golovanov, design is underway at an active pace.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg which year they cannot decide on the fate of the Stables department, for the conservation of which millions have been allocated from the budget. And if before the crisis and the pandemic nothing was clear with the project, now it is even more so.

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