The expert spoke about the ships that Putin ordered to lay

Among the retaliatory measures that Russia will take in response to the US withdrawal from the Treaty on Medium and Short Range Missiles and the deployment of American missiles in Europe, President Putin, in his message to the Federal Assembly, called fleet reinforcement. The construction of submarines and ships will be accelerated. Valery Polyakov, deputy director of the Krylov Research Center, spoke about the significance of these measures by MK.

The President for the first time announced the development of a sea zircon hypersonic missile capable of hitting sea and land targets at a distance of 10,000 kilometers per hour and more. These missiles can be equipped with mass-produced ships and submarines, designed for high-precision “Caliber”.

Construction of marine missile carriers will be accelerated. For two or three years previously scheduled dates, the Navy will receive seven new multi-purpose submarines. Five surface ships of the far sea zone will be laid. Another 16 ships of this class will be built until 2027. “MK” asked to comment on these decisions, Deputy Director of the Krylov Research Center Valery Polyakov. This center develops the ideology of military shipbuilding and the use of the Navy.

-Valery Nikolayevich, what kind of ships and submarines, which the president said? What tasks can they solve?

– We are talking about nuclear submarines of the project 885 “Ash”. Multi-purpose submarines may have surface and enemy submarines as well as coastal targets as their targets.

Their direct analogue in the US Navy are the Los Angeles atomic submarines (64 submarines in the US Navy), as well as the Sea Wolfe (3) and Virginia submarines, whose construction is underway. Already built 17 submarines “Virginia”. In total, their number as part of the US Navy is planned to increase to 50-60.

As for the surface ships of the distant sea zone, these are, first of all, the ships of the class destroyer and frigate. Their displacement is more than 5000 tons. This allows for a decent seaworthiness and autonomy. At one time, while working on the advanced design of the promising destroyer “Shkval”, the Krylov Research Center carefully worked out and checked the characteristics of seaworthiness, navigability and controllability.

And this is very important for us, since the practical absence of our naval naval bases outside the Russian national borders requires the creation of reliable and efficient ships.

– Earlier, we were told that Russia needs ships of the near zone, since we do not have serious military interests in distant sea zones. The situation has changed?

– The closest sea zone should be covered thoroughly, since it is where the positions of the US Navy anti-submarine forces and their allies can be located. Through the near sea zone, the ships of the Russian Navy go out into the open ocean to perform combat service and their withdrawal there must be as safe as possible, requiring reliable escort.

As for our interests, they lie mainly in the political and economic spheres. Our fleet must ensure the safety of maritime trade, effectively participate in international actions, including anti-terrorism, provide the necessary assistance to our allies and friends and when it is necessary to demonstrate our flag with dignity and convincingly. In this sense, in our position nothing has changed.

-The president has designated strict deadlines for shipbuilders. Cope?

-The Supreme Commander said about the laying of ships. I am sure that the series of ships in the far sea zone will be built on time. As you know, any shift in the construction time of the ships “to the right” unambiguously leads to their appreciation. This is well understood by all the builders and leaders of all ranks participating in this process. I have no doubt that all problems arising during construction will be solved in a timely manner.

Recall submarines of project 885 “Ash” – a multipurpose nuclear submarines with cruise missiles. Their displacement is 13.8 thousand tons. The speed under water is 31 knots – almost 50 km per hour. Immersion depth – 520 meters. Submarines carry 8 Onyx or Caliber missile launchers. Crew – 90 people.

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